What’s been keeping me busy…

Summer ~ Part One

1. The Color Run

Quite an experience. Running (and walking) with 10,000 people, some dressed in tutu’s, funky socks, tiaras, silly short shorts and all manner of odd costumes. Scrubbing a rainbow of color off in the shower. I’ve used Q-tips before. Just never to get paint out of my ears…and my nose. The upside? After the race, everybody’s teeth looked really white!! And I got to hang (and get paint thrown at me) with some of my favorite people… color group

2. Dogs (4 dogs to be exact)

I’ve got two dogs. The Red Dog (85 lb. golden retriever) and The Black Dog (55 lb. rescue mutt). They’re large to medium in size. We’ll soon add two more dogs. We’ll be keeping them for a family moving out of the country for a couple of years.

One is a small terrier, who is more like a tiny cat. The other is a dappled, long-haired Dachshund — or Weiner Dog.

Yes.  2 + 2 = 4. (Despite what many are thinking, I CAN count!)

We’ve been socializing The Menagerie for two weeks. And it really could be another blog…

Me outside at midnight with the little doggies, urging them to go potty, as the big dogs whined inside the house, from the back hallway. The Black Dog jumping on the door, causing it to slam shut, locking me out. Me scrambling up the side of the house in my pajamas (with neither grace or style) to crawl through a window, laughing as I landed with a thud on the floor…

The Dachshund standing on the dining table with his head in my purse. I had completely forgotten the half of a club sandwich in there from lunch, until his head popped up from inside my purse, with a dollop of mayonnaise on his little black nose. (He isn’t even as tall as my purse, but twice as long…)

Daughter and my intense two-hour game of scrabble down to the wire. She had two letters left. I had four. Ten points separated us. Until ‘Twinkle Toes’ (the little cat/dog) hopped down off the couch and danced around on the board. Game over. Nick & dogsAbove: Twinkle Toes in the recliner with Son, The Red Dog and The Weiner Dog on the floor and The Black Dog behind the recliner…dog

Twinkle Toes (the cat/dog) is the size of The Black Dog’s head. In fact, her head is smaller than my fist.

3. The Crib Project

Aunt Kate’s precious baby girl grandchild joined our family this week. I refinished a dark wood crib. Took me a week of evenings, made a big mess, had me scrubbing paint off at all hours and falling into bed, but worth the effort. It’s a distressed, antique creamy white now. The room may soon be painted a soft green. Aunt Kate is all set for baby’s first visit. A gorgeous baby (and she is that) needs a special crib.furn 001furn 002crib

4. Moving House

The kids and I (and the dogs…) are in the process of moving out of The Little White Ranch House and into another house in the same city and school district. It hasn’t been easy, because we all loved the ranch house–but its time to move.

We’ll be settled into our new digs before the next school year begins in late August. The new house? I’m calling it The School House (or School House #2) because it was the second school-house in our community back in the 1800s. It even has a brass plaque with historical information, a large cast iron black bell and a flagpole. I love its vibe, its history. That it feels like a park out in the yard…


Summer ~ Part Two

The past several weeks have brought a new baby into our family, a trip to the state championship in track for Son, high school graduation parties for Daughter and her classmates, shopping and gearing up to take Daughter to college, adapting to my new job at our local newspaper, fielding freelance assignments, packing and moving a household, Son getting his driver’s license and MORE dogs. (In my world, there are always dogs…)

No doubt, life is changing. Again. In BIG ways.

Which is terrifying, exciting, chaotic, exhausting, unsettling, energizing, chaotic, challenging, fun, sad, happy and…chaotic.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos” 

~ Deepak Chopra

I’m counting on Mr. Chopra to be right.

After a rather routine childhood and a lifetime of familiar patterns, I’ve learned to adapt to change. To know in my gut when its time to move on, even when I have no idea what lies ahead. To look forward to what this latest round of change/chaos will bring.

A Special Note To My Friends and Family: I’ve been in chaos (even for me). Haven’t seen as much of many of you as I would have liked. I plan to spend the second part of the summer relaxing some, and (hopefully) catching up with you. Hearing about what’s been going on with all of you, the changes in your lives…

I’m going to PROM … at 42 !!!

taraprom.jpg It’s been an exciting weekend!!

Exciting Event #1

I got asked to prom on Saturday morning.

And I cannot wait to go…

This is not your garden variety high school prom. It’s a 1980’s themed prom. (Okay, it’s a fundraiser.)

My friend ‘TJ’ already has her pretty, bubble gum pink, vintage 1980’s dress. She even tried it on and sent me the picture.

Of course this means I have to find a dress. I said as much to Darling Daughter.

Daughter: Can’t this be about MY prom???????

Darling Daughter said this in her best, whiny voice–as she laughed at me.

Daughter: You’re stealing my thunder. It’s going to be about your dress, your shoes and your jewelry…

Really, very little in my life is about me. And so I’m running with this one. Going all out. I had fantastic 80’s hair. A giant mass of curls, sprayed in place with Stiff Stuff. The biggest problem is that I’m a tad bit chunkier than I was in high school, which may make it more challenging to find a dress. This brings me to the next thing…

Exciting Event #2

I’m officially in training. Darling Daughter signed herself, Son and I up for The Color Run. Daughter is Team Captain and the event comes to Cleveland in June.

color runFrom the website…


The Color Run™ 5k paint race event is a one of a kind experience that is less about speed and more about enjoying a color crazy day with your friends and family. For our events, it is all about participants of all different speeds, ages, shapes, and sizes toeing the start line. Whether you are a casual morning mall walker or an Olympic athlete, the 3 miles of The Color Run™ course will be the most enjoyable real estate you’ve traveled in a VERY long time.

Apparently, the this is The Happiest 5K on the Planet. Those signed up wear white t-shirts and have paint thrown at them as they run (or walk) the course. It looks like fun–people dressed up in headbands, crazy sunglasses, tube socks, etc.

Even thought there are no times, no winners/losers and it’s all about the FUN–I’m not eager to come in LAST. Being last is never fun.

So I must  get more in shape. (I could hardly be less in shape…) Right now my shape is round.

Our team name?

The Misfits.

Darling Daughters description of our half as#ed team; some fit teenage boys, one fat old lady and a group of girls somewhere in between.

And yes, I’m the old lady. When Daughter created the team, she left it open so that others can register online–and join our team. I’m hoping that there is at least one other, old, chunky adult at the starting line with me. (So far, I’ve got one friend who has volunteered to throw paint on runners as they pass…much appreciated MB)

One of my favorite team names as I scanned the list: A Running Joke

So to begin my training, I’m going hiking in the woods with Aunt Kate and the dogs today.

After all, I’ve got a prom dress to fit into…


NOTE: Those not signed up to follow this blog, might want to get signed up. I’ll post photos of the 80’s PROM here in mid-April. With any luck I’ll talk my friends at Home James! Limousine Service into picking our group up in their vintage white limo. It looks just like the Limousine’s we hired to take us to prom in the 1980’s. Except it’s been updated and rolls with a modern sound system…