Senior Pictures ~ A little more sharing…

Yesterday, I shared one of Daughters senior pictures. Admitted that I can’t click-through the photos without crying…

They don’t make me sad. Not at all. Nor do I long to go back. Or regret missing out on anything. Especially my crazy hair.

And YES. I was a teenager in the 80’s. Hair was BIG. We used ‘Stiff Stuff’ hairspray to maintain the volume. My daughter was born in the early 90’s. Hair hadn’t flattened out yet.

So anyways, for 35+ years, I NEVER cried. But at 41, I tear up easily. These days, the word ‘car’ does it for me.

Here are a few more senior pictures. Click on the arrow that pops up and you can scan through the slide show. I’ll spare everybody all 375….

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Why the tears?

Because I appreciate them. Good photography is art. As a writer, marketer, designer and such, I appreciate the vision.

When I look at these photos, I don’t see a contrived smile.

I see all the expressions I’ve seen each day for nearly 18 years. Daughter has always been an open book. What she is thinking travels right across her face. Irritation. Discomfort. Sadness. Joy. All of it. She can’t hide it. And doesn’t choose to.

When she told me that during the shoot, they stopped for a moment because “Bob the Beagle” had to go outside, “to go potty” I knew which photos were shot on that trip outside. I can see her amusement in them.

So when I click-through my 375 photo gift (And they are a gift…), I’m flooded with memories. I’ve seen every look in those pictures 1000 times. Maybe more.

At Daughter’s gymnastics show, when the lights went down. The music came on. And I was dumb enough to be excited for the performance. Her class marched out. And Darling Daughter checked out. Sat down, indian style, facing away from the audience because she didn’t want to take part.

Or when she took classes at a local dance school when she was in middle school. And she was lovely when she performed on stage. I knew she was coordinated, but had no idea she was graceful enough to carry off ballet, her movements soft and flowing. I would have thought she would be too shy to open herself up on stage.

I see the girl who slams doors and stomps off. Who squirms when all eyes are on her. Who is proud when she accomplishes what she doubted she could. The determination. The aggravation. It’s all in those photos.

And I’m excited for her to be a Senior in high school. For her to choose a college and a future, to spread her wings. I’m so grateful to be a part of it. To have her in my life. She has been the most extraordinary gift to me.

And looking at those photos reminds me of that.

SPECIAL THANKS: To the ex, who set up the experience for our Daughter. And graciously paid for it.

THE LOOK: For those who wondered yesterday…Daughters creamy peach dress was from Tiffany Rose Antiques in downtown Willoughby, Ohio. A  vintage 1950’s party dress. She also wore 1970’s Sarah Coventry jewelry that I got at an estate auction last winter–and that she wore to prom last spring. Daughter has been won over to my affinity for retro & vintage. I’ve sold it online for years and I’m in the beginning phases of setting up shop locally…

Senior Pictures…another school year

Got Daughter’s senior pictures done yesterday…

She walked out of the photography studio with a CD of 375 pictures. We can choose our favorites–then pay a small fee for them to be edited.

My issue? EVERY time I look at the photos, I tear up.

The pictures are ALL somehow ‘Daughter’ in her expressions, laughter, smiles, glances at the camera…

And most especially, when she dropped down to the floor in her 1950s vintage tulle dress to catch a quick break. Being photographed was exhausting. Especially for a young lady who prefers NOT to be the center of attention.

So like Daughter to be caught on the ground in a heap of tulle and satin ribbons…