Shipping my Shiny Objects

Isn't it pretty?

When items are purchased from my eBay store, I must ship them. I’ve been ‘busy as a bee’ all morning packing up sold items. Which was quick and painless…

Until I got to one of my favorite items.  An 11” tall and truly gorgeous vase in a rich cobalt blue color, with a swirl pattern. Vintage–which means it can’t be replaced. (At least not easily) And very delicate.

Anybody who has read this blog knows that I am NOT delicate. Not one bit.

As I handled the vase to wipe it down with a Windex Wipe, I held my breath.

The inner dialogue…”Don’t bump it into a shelf, the desk…don’t drop it, set it gently down to get the packaging supplies gathered…” The last time I ‘bumped’ something; I shattered the back window glass on the pickup truck of one of my favorite people. Snow blew around inside of its extended cab this winter.

As I carefully packed up the vase, I soon realized that my profit margin was going into packing peanuts, a ton of bubble wrap, two boxes (need to double box the breakables) and almost an entire roll of clear tape.

Pray God this treasure gets from Ohio to Florida without incident–I certainly did my part! And I did slap ‘fragile’ stickers all over the box. I’m sure that whoever handles it will not toss it around…

At least it wasn’t a mirror. I am a sucker for mirrors, but I can’t help but wonder…if the mirror breaks en route to the destination, do I still get 7 years of bad luck? When I shipped a 1960s vintage Ethan Allen mirror several weeks back, I wanted to tell the buyer NOT to tell me if it arrived broken—to just request a refund. I admit to being a wreck until I knew that it got to its destination in one piece.

I have a (very smart) friend who sells custom ‘little girls’ hair accessories online. She packs them in mailers or cute tiny boxes–And they ALL arrive in Perfect condition with little fuss or expense. Really, what am I thinking??

Fingers crossed...

As I packed the pretty blue vase, my brain was making a mental list of items to put in my eBay store that are easily—and safely—packed. Trust me, I had plenty of time to think, because packing that vase took a long time!

You would think I would learn a lesson. But, no. It’s kind of like childbirth. I’ll soon attend an auction or an estate sale and the very first Shiny Object will have me forgetting this morning. I’ll be attracted to the most delicate, frivolous (and breakable) vintage item I see–like bees to honey.

I can’t seem to help myself.