The ‘Perfect’ Gift for Doctors, Nurses & Medical Professionals…

This is now in my dining room.


I have no idea.

What are we going to do with a vintage 1950s metal (tin?) Drug Store display rack for Johnson and Johnson Products?  

Really, I’m at a loss as to what to do with it. But neither could I pass it up. It was just too cool.


Its previous owner was a nurse who kept it in her office at work. Just for fun. (I liked her immediately–my kind of person…) The thing is over 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide and almost 2 feet deep. It takes up space.

Seemed a Perfect addition to my sons bedroom. What better to hold the Band Aids, Tape, Gauze, Neosporin and other such products he uses daily?

The boy is always working around something. Broken bones, stitches, poison ivy, scrapes, sprains and so much more…

Yep. That’s my boy up there in the tree fort he and his buddies built a few weeks ago. The one in the lawn chair. (top left)

So proud. Add ‘architect’ to the list of accomplishments. And with just pallets, boards, fallen (weak?) trees, sticks and twigs–placed just so…like a house of cards.

No nails, bolts or ‘safety’ features. And holding several 6 foot, 150-200 lb teenage boys. Such talent. And creativity…

It’s almost as if they are playing Jenga–but with their bodies.

Obviously, my son needs his own personal ‘First Aid Headquarters.’

Son must be nearly 20 feet off the ground up there, relaxing in his lawn chair. And I’m quite sure he was like ‘Mikey’ in the old cereal commercials. Like…they probably sent him up there to test things out, or passed him the materials to ‘build’ that part.

Fingers crossed somebody is ‘trained’ to assist.





Anyways, I’m now the ‘happy’ owner of a vintage, mid-century 1950’s  ‘First Aid Headquarters.’ Just need to figure out where to put it.

Or what to do with it. Other than load it up with first aid supplies for the boys. We could have the ‘trauma’ center over here at my house this summer…

Suggestions? Ideas?

I’d love to hear them…