Row, Row, Row…your KAYAK??

The Fearless Five-Some...BEFORE WE HIT THE KAYAKS

Row, Row, Row your boat…gently down the stream

The kids and I are heading off to kayak with my Dad and his wife, Jannie.

Not to worry, my Dad and Jannie are experienced with kayaking.

Once, they were with a guided group in Hilton Head several years ago. The rest of the group headed to shore when the storm clouds gathered. Dad and Jannie were out there paddling in circles–going nowhere. Thunder crackled and winds whipped up, making the waters choppy. The guide got fed up and headed for the beach, just left them out there. Thank goodness they managed to drag themselves to safety.

Then there was the time in St. John’s where they accidentally wandered into the shipping lane. The next thing they knew,  a ship was bearing down on them–and they paddled for their lives to get out of its path.

So, my Dad and Jannie have experience with kayaking. (I didn’t say it was good experience) and kayaks are available to those staying in our condo complex at no charge. The kids (or at least my son) wants to go and so I must go with them. Though I would feel much more comfortable if there was a guide.

Though my Dad did go out with the ‘pro’s once and did a fine job paddling. When they were done, he exited the kayak…and fell in.


At the condo…

Me: They don’t tip over, right?

Jannie: Oh no. It’ll be fine. Just don’t lean over the water.

Dad: Well, there was the time I tipped that one in Florida…

At the beach (without Dad & Jannie) 

Me: (Speculating about the waters we’ll be in) What’s in there?

Carissa: BIG FISH…

Me: Like, sharks?

Joey: I’m sure its fine. (gave Carissa ‘the look’)

Carissa: What? Wouldn’t you want to know what’s in there before you went?

Carissa: biiiiiiiggggg FISH.

Me: Sharks…I’m not going out there with sharks. They said there would be ‘critters.’ There were dolphins in the pictures…

Now I’ve done it–the family is all over this. (And laughing at me). My brain is coming up with all of the ways this could go wrong… 

Joey: It’ll be fine. Or else they wouldn’t let you go out there. It isn’t good when tourists get chewed on…or disappear. That stuff makes the news.

Me: I really don’t want to be ONE with the sharks. Nor do I want to be up close and personal with them.

Joey: Probably just gators.

Me: Like that’s better? The kayaks are close to the water.

Joey: Yes. But these critters are generally water breathing…they don’t tend to jump out of the water. This isn’t Jaws!!

Aunt Kate: (to Uncle Joe) Remember in the Bahama’s when we were snorkeling and we got to stick our heads in the water and watch the sharks feed?

Me: (Sweating…)

Aunt Kate: That was probably one of the coolest things we’ve ever done.

Joey: If you see fins, just think ‘dolphin.’

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to kayak in a nice, safe pond.

But this is kayaking adventure is one I could live without.

My son fears almost nothing. Dad and Jannie are quite fearless, more because they’ll do anything. They just don’t think about what could go wrong. Then there’s my daughter who is afraid of spiders, bugs, critters—if a bug crawls up on her kayak, there is no doubt she is going in!! Then there’s me…

Merrily, merrily, merrily…life is but a dream…