The Life of My Dog(s) …

Yesterday was a gift. A beautiful day in early March. Spring was in the air.

Seemed a good idea to walk my dogs in the woods. Or so Daughter and I thought…

The Red Dog barreled out of the car ahead of everyone.

The Little Black Dog, Daughter and I headed for the path, but we were quite a few paces behind The Red Dog. He bounced happily up ahead of us, tail wagging, ears flopping in the breeze.

Not five minutes into our walk, The Red Dog took a sharp left–then hauled as# toward…WHAT?

Curious, Daughter and I stretched our necks, tried to see what had him even MORE excited? Because he was already pretty excited to be running around in the woods…

We rounded the corner and there he stood–up to his neck in water.

The Red Dog found a watering hole. A MUDDY watering hole!!

dogs 014

I called him, but The Red Dog kind of does his thing. He looked at me when he heard his name–but he wasn’t ending his fun on my account.He frolicked in the water, then got OUT when he was ready to move on.

The Little Black Dog? Loves the water and loves to swim. But she avoided the murky, muddy messes. She ran though shallow water and clear streams, but stayed clear of the sludge.

Not The Red Dog.

He continued to amuse himself by locating every wet, muddy area along the path. He swam in them. Drank the water. Even laid down in them.

Me? The Red Dog was already a mess. He was getting a shower when we got home anyway, so I figured he might as well have his fun.

And really, watching The Red Dog frolic with abandon was sort of contagious. Both Daughter and I laughed over and over again at his antics. Neither of us had the heart to stop him. It was a lighthearted (and dirty) walk. But it was fun!

Of course, the swamp water he drank might be like drinking the water in Mexico. We’re hoping he doesn’t barf–or get the runs…

dogs 001

By evening, all was well. Daughter and I were happy–they dogs were clean and happy. They curled up together like Twinkies, sound asleep in my comfy, King-size bed.

My dogs live a nice life…