Darling Daughter’s all packed for college …

Got home from work at about 7:30 last night, tossed my keys and purse down and followed the music to Daughter’s room.

Me: Watcha doing?

Daughter: Packing. I’m almost done!

She danced around her (somewhat empty) room, putting the finishing touches on her task.

Me: (laughing…) You realize that coming home to this would freak a lot of parents out? You just finished high school, only graduated a few days ago…

The shelf the runs the perimeter of her room, near the ceiling? Empty, except for a few items going to college with her. She also gathered papers and books to be recycled.

lone pigShe boxed up favorite items to be stored with me, while she’s away at college. Filled a huge bag of clothing to be donated.  (Even prom and homecoming dresses.)

Me: Do you want me to sell some of that on eBay?

Daughter: No, because its nice stuff. I want to donate it because people usually don’t donate good stuff; I want somebody else to have it.

Me: Okay.

room 034room 031She only left clothes hanging in her closet that she wears regularly, that she plans to take to college. In a grey Tupperware? The beginnings of items going to college.

Daughter’s theory?

“If I’m not taking it to college, I probably don’t need to hang onto it.”

Daughter graduated last Sunday. Went to college orientation, signed up for classes and picked up her college ID on Monday. She also got new checking and savings accounts with a bank on campus in the student union, linked her accounts for easy wiring of scholarship money to pay her tuition.

She’s picked out her dorm room comforter and other odds and ends, made lists. By next week, she’ll probably be out purchasing those items. Maybe she’ll go online and get her books ordered. I’m certain she knows what needs done and that she’ll handle it.

For her high school graduation ceremony, she painted her fingernails a pretty red. (high school colors are red and white). She painted her toenails in her college colors. “Get it? I’m stepping into the future…”

She’s a capable young lady. Ready to find out what’s next. That’s not to say she isn’t scared, uncertain of the unknowns. But she’s worked hard, prepared the best she could and she’s excited to head to college.

I went to bed smiling…

In the face of her enthusiasm, how can I be anything but excited for her?