College Placement Testing?

schools outDarling Daughter completed her last day of high school last Friday.

Even though she’s done with high school, she and a couple of friends (and their laptops) were gathered around the dining room table last night. Studying. Reviewing high school math and science.


They can’t schedule their college classes until they take the placement tests. Every college has them. University of Toledo (UT) is no different, though Daughter is required to show up in person. Some colleges allow future students to take these tests online, and then schedule classes either in person or online.

Poor children! They took many elementary and middle school standardized tests.

In Ohio, we’ve got the OGT, or Ohio Graduation Test. Most everybody has the ACT and/or SAT. Let’s not forget AP (Advanced Placement) testing, to get college credit for accelerated coursework taken in high school. And final exams.


That’s a lot of testing…

Better Daughter than me. All the TESTING would surely have TESTED my patience!!

Especially in Daughter’s case. She has a stellar academic record, has taken difficult classes.

I get it. I realize a few thousand freshmen will descend upon UT next fall. From a variety of high schools. It’s better for everybody if the college places them in the correct classes. No sense in a student sitting through a class, if they know the material inside/out. Nor is there any good reason for a student to enroll in a class–and be doomed to failure because they lack the prerequisites to succeed.

The idea is to get it ‘just right.’

And yet, today’s placement test meant the group studying/reviewing last night dragged themselves from bed at 5 a.m. to trek three hours to the testing location (i.e. the campus they will call ‘home’ next fall).

When I think back to the week that followed my last day of high school, I’m fairly certain I was at the beach. Or sleeping in because I was keeping late hours (going out every night). Some of the kids I graduated with probably weren’t sober from the last day of high school, five days later.

(Of course, those students might not have been college bound…)

What’s next?

Daughter heads back to UT next week for orientation. She’s like that. Want’s to get her schedule set. To check it off her list…

The good news? At least she’ll be ‘tested’ enough to be ‘placed’ in classes!

Does anybody remember college placement testing?

Did your parents go with you? Or not?

Your experience? Memories?