Darling Daughter, College & Me …


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Darling Daughter told me there were those who expected me to “fall apart” next fall when she heads to college. I was SHOCKED. Then a little concerned… I did what I do when I want honesty. I rang up Aunt Kate. … Continue reading

Oh Christmas Tree…Part II

ImageAs promised, I’m posting photo’s of our 2012 Christmas Tree…

The outing was a disaster, a big reason it was so much fun. Given the participants; two teenagers, two dogs and me, we knew it wouldn’t go smoothly. Never does…

The dogs;  Rocky wore a scarf (We didn’t want him to get cold.) Grace did not wear a scarf, because she refused to have one tied around her neck. We no sooner got out of the car when Rocky got loose (on accident), mostly because he was excited and bouncing. (He bounces like a super ball) When I called him, he galloped through a big patch of mud–but right back to me–and I put his collar back on. As I did so, Grace got loose (on purpose) because I walked away from her. Luckily, she only did a few loops around the cars that were trying to back out, before sliding to a muddy stop at my feet. Total outing for the dogs? Three minutes out of the car. At most.

They didn’t mind going back in the car, because they had empty McDonald’s bags to shred up. (We made a stop for food on the way to the tree farm.)

The teenagers; mostly made fun of me, because that’s what they do. Son kept swinging the saw, though Daughter and I asked him to stop. Daughter was cold. My feet got soaked because I kept stepping in the gaping holes that held trees in years passed. (No, I don’t watch where I’m walking.)

The tree; proves that anything is pretty with sparkly lights!! This tree is just over 6′ tall and very spare. It has gaping holes, few branches and you can see right through to its trunk.

Tree decor: I loaded the tree with lights (two stands) and vintage Shiny Brite bulbs. I scored a large lot of vintage bulbs at auction last fall for a few dollars. Last year, we went with red, silver and pink.

Daughter wanted a blue theme this year. The bulbs are antique, so they’re lovely shades of pale blue, pale green, slate blue and other unique colors not seen today. There are a mix of ornaments styles on the tree; stenciled with white, shaped like bells, glittered, striped, disco ball style, crackled, etc.

Aunt Kate: I went to bed thinking that only you could get that tree and decorate it with blue ornaments, which I’ve never liked–and it actually looks pretty!!

Turns out, it’s one of  my favorite trees. Very out of the box, unusual. Not at all Perfect. Which fits, because at this point there isn’t anything Perfect about our household. Yet, that’s okay. We’re (mostly) happy.

Hopefully my kids look back fondly on this years outing to the tree farm. And remember the dogs getting loose, people laughing at the dogs antics, other tree shoppers faces (mouths hanging open) when they saw our tree, almost running out of gas, shredded McDonald’s bags, muddy dogs and all the little things we laughed at…

Because those are the moments that give life meaning. It isn’t about perfection. It’s more about embracing the imperfection, finding joy in the experience…

I see our quirky tree with its mismatched (but color-coordinated) bulbs, as having character and charm. I smile every time I look at it. Can’t help it…

Probably because I associate it with a Perfect couple of hours spent with my children.

My Purple Smoothie Breakfast (Yummy?)


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Darling Daughter: You’re going to start eating healthier. You don’t sleep. Skip meals. Aren’t exercising enough. You’re tired. Me: Yes. Darling Daughter: You’re sick. AGAIN. Wasn’t much I could fire back with. I’ve been sick since early October… So Darling … Continue reading

Friday Night Football in the Rain …


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There have been some lovely fall days in Cleveland, Ohio. When the sun was shining. When I appreciated leaves on trees turning to golden-yellow, apple red, rusty browns and oranges. Except come Friday evening, it ALL goes to shi#. Every … Continue reading

Candy Corn vs. Cough Drops


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A GREAT USE FOR CANDY CORN Just last week, I filled our candy dish with those orange, yellow and white “Candy Corn” things. And yes, they are gross. Nobody likes the way they taste. But they look festive at this time of year, so … Continue reading