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Several weeks ago, I converted my blog so that it is now a self hosted site.

Prior to that, I used a free WordPress site. Meaning WordPress took care of all the ‘stuff’ I didn’t want to deal with. That worked really well for a long time.

Playing with Perfect might look the same, but a lot has changed thanks to my team of Happiness Engineers. It certainly made me ‘happy’ that they did the conversion for me–sparing me ‘more stuff’ I neither wanted to do and that might have taken me years to figure out HOW to do!!

I’m still using the WordPress software as a framework. (Anybody can download WordPress blogging software for free.)

Why the change?

I needed room to grow…

In being ‘self hosted’ I can do much more with my site. Many more tools (or Plugins & Widgets for those who use WordPress) are available, once I get comfortable using them.

Some might have jumped on my site and wondered “Am I at the right place?”

You are. I’ve been playing with new themes, trying them out and working hard to learn. Playing with Perfect remains a live site–so when I change its look and you click on a link to it, you’ll see all the ‘fun’ I’m having.

Sometimes my ‘fun’ looks pretty–And sometimes its a train wreck. There are also times the process isn’t any FUN at all!!

So…that’s the update.

I’m hoping to be done with the process this week. And then get back to my regular blogging routine.

Many thanks to all the readers who have hung in there with me through the transition…

Teaching the ‘old dog’ (That’s me…)

I had to capture this with my iPhone because I can’t be the ONLY person with this going on…

Mind you, I’m the worst videographer in the universe.

NOBODY asks me to videotape. When I tried to record a football game last year, my son and his dad got so angry, they had to turn it off!!

I had the camera turned on while it was sitting on the bleachers. (I thought it was paused during a time out) Then found myself watching the football sail through the air through the camera lens. Completely missed the formation, players on the field. And when I saw the receiver in place (my son) I jumped up to yell and forgot I was even taping. Oops…

Imagine my poor son watching the tape and every time a good play got started, I got all excited and MISSED IT. Instead, I captured the sky, the ground, the bleachers, etc.

Anyways, this is my first ever video. With music. And even credits!!

We’ve had some snow in recent weeks and the Red Dog wants to go outside every 3 minutes. He doesn’t drink water, he eats snow. He curls up and relaxes in the snow.

He won’t come inside unless I yell “cookie” or “cheese.” And because he’s 8 1/2 and a little stiff, I think he might like to lay in the snow to ice himself down?

No idea what his deal is, but he sure is happy in the snow…


Anyways, I’m the ‘old dog’ learning new tricks. Enjoy my first video. And go easy on my skills (or lack of skills…)

What is a Happiness Engineer ???

sunshineI use WordPress to write this blog.

In fact, I love WordPress. is the free version of WordPress and the one I’ve used for several years. is the self hosted version and the one I’m now using.

Why the change? The free version is fantastic, but the self-hosted version has more bells and whistles. I’ve been blogging for long enough to know what I’m missing. There are lots of fun Plugins and Themes I could use to add a little something extra to my blog. To jazz it up.

Kind of like sprinkling glitter on a child’s school projects.

(Not that I did that when Daughter was in elementary school or that she EVER had to wrestle the glitter away from me…)

Anyways, my blog was off-line for several days last week. The process of moving my blog went smootly…for about an hour!!

WordPress has Happiness Engineers. (And Thank Goodness for it!!) Due to my budget, or lack there of, I tried to convert the blog on my own. But there were details that confused me. Three years, nearly 20,000 hits, 303 followers, tons of comments, over 125+ posts and lots of pretty pictures seemed a lot to lose. After a couple of hours, I got sweaty thinking about what I put into building my blog.

That’s when I contacted WordPress, paid the fee and got a Happiness Engineer.

And its been smooth sailing ever since!!

The transition isn’t quite complete. There will be more changes this week. Please hang in there with me as I continue through this process.

And know that if the colors and layout change, it’s still me. The look of the blog might change several times this coming week as I work to get it just right…

To my email followers: You made the move with me.

Glitter....For those who use Facebook, RSS feeds, Readers, WordPress and other methods to subscribe: You might have to re-subscribe.

Thanks for sticking with me as I sprinkle a little bit of  glitter on my blog…

Hacked … I ‘get it’ now !!


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Hack; Hacked, Hacking, Hacks. Noun; an untalented professional. Verb; to cut or chop. I’ve hacked around on a golf course, had a hacking cough. One (or two) people have been hacked off at me. I’ve gotten my hair hacked off. I’ve … Continue reading