Who needs a Boy Scout knot???

Not me. At least not yesterday.

Because I am a sucker for older furniture, with interesting lines, I bring home more than I can use. I especially like to strip, stain, paint it. Change up the knobs, etc. And so, I have a lot of great, funky furniture. To the point where people now come into my home and make me offers on pieces they like.

To thin out my home and de-clutter, I often list furniture items in my eBay store. And when they sell, I use Greyhound Package Xpress to ship them.

Anyways…I sold a wicker rocking chair over the weekend. And needed to ship it via Greyhound to Birmingham, Alabama. It was purchased as a Christmas gift.

And a wonderful gift it will be!

This particular chair originally belonged to my mother-in-law, but was given to my daughter when her grandmother no longer had use for it. It is in excellent condition, having only ever been lightly used in bedrooms. Solid and Sturdy.

And BIG.

Far too big to stuff into the backseat of my Trusty Honda…though I opened the back door to the car and thought about trying. But only for a minute. (Or two.)

That’s how this wonderful vintage rocking chair wound up in the trunk of my car. Or at least MOSTLY in the trunk.

Because the Cleveland Greyhound Terminal is a  40  minute (one-way) trek on the freeway, I thought it a good idea to break out the twine. Not that I actually know what TO DO with twine. But it seemed wise to make the effort.

It is always in the back of my head that I really SHOULD be pulled over when I set out on these type of adventures. And I often pass police officers sitting on the road. In fact, I passed a few of them yesterday….

There I was…bumping along in my OLD Honda, nicknamed The Race Car last week, because it needs a new exhaust system. HUGE Rocking Chair Hanging from the trunk. Praying that I got downtown and back, without dropping part of the exhaust on the highway.

I’ve GOT to believe that when I roll by, they cops must think, “Really. I just can’t take that on. It isn’t WORTH dealing with.” And so they let me pass.

For short distances in and around my neighborhood, I don’t bother to secure the trunk.

Being that I am all about aesthetics, I got right in there and wrapped a ‘nice’ piece of twine around the rocking chair. And tied it to the trunk. In a BOW.

I was never good at knots. They always unravel. As I looked at my Perfect bow, I giggled. Then grabbed my camera to capture the moment. And I did make sure to trim off the ends of twine that were trailing on the ground, so they didn’t get stuck under a tire.

A BOW cannot be the proper method for securing a large chair, in this type of situation.

But I am unique.

And the chair is on its way to Birmingham to make somebody “Merry” this Christmas.

The Race Car?

Loud as ever. And still sitting in my driveway. Its exhaust parts (I think) still there.

Mission accomplished.

Shipping my Shiny Objects

Isn't it pretty?

When items are purchased from my eBay store, I must ship them. I’ve been ‘busy as a bee’ all morning packing up sold items. Which was quick and painless…

Until I got to one of my favorite items.  An 11” tall and truly gorgeous vase in a rich cobalt blue color, with a swirl pattern. Vintage–which means it can’t be replaced. (At least not easily) And very delicate.

Anybody who has read this blog knows that I am NOT delicate. Not one bit.

As I handled the vase to wipe it down with a Windex Wipe, I held my breath.

The inner dialogue…”Don’t bump it into a shelf, the desk…don’t drop it, set it gently down to get the packaging supplies gathered…” The last time I ‘bumped’ something; I shattered the back window glass on the pickup truck of one of my favorite people. Snow blew around inside of its extended cab this winter.

As I carefully packed up the vase, I soon realized that my profit margin was going into packing peanuts, a ton of bubble wrap, two boxes (need to double box the breakables) and almost an entire roll of clear tape.

Pray God this treasure gets from Ohio to Florida without incident–I certainly did my part! And I did slap ‘fragile’ stickers all over the box. I’m sure that whoever handles it will not toss it around…

At least it wasn’t a mirror. I am a sucker for mirrors, but I can’t help but wonder…if the mirror breaks en route to the destination, do I still get 7 years of bad luck? When I shipped a 1960s vintage Ethan Allen mirror several weeks back, I wanted to tell the buyer NOT to tell me if it arrived broken—to just request a refund. I admit to being a wreck until I knew that it got to its destination in one piece.

I have a (very smart) friend who sells custom ‘little girls’ hair accessories online. She packs them in mailers or cute tiny boxes–And they ALL arrive in Perfect condition with little fuss or expense. Really, what am I thinking??

Fingers crossed...

As I packed the pretty blue vase, my brain was making a mental list of items to put in my eBay store that are easily—and safely—packed. Trust me, I had plenty of time to think, because packing that vase took a long time!

You would think I would learn a lesson. But, no. It’s kind of like childbirth. I’ll soon attend an auction or an estate sale and the very first Shiny Object will have me forgetting this morning. I’ll be attracted to the most delicate, frivolous (and breakable) vintage item I see–like bees to honey.

I can’t seem to help myself.