The Hunt for #7, or is it #8?


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And no…I’m not on the hunt for more children or dogs. Nor am I looking for another man. Though I will be out socializing tonight. And there’ll be alcohol. I suppose you just never know… What I am really looking for is another … Continue reading

Welcome #5 (Hint…#5 is a table)

I wonder what my neighbors think? We’re always dragging large furniture in and out of the house.

The antique, metal Johnson & Johnson cabinet left today…

Went to a great home. An entrepreneur who is in the beginning stages of developing  medical product. He’ll use it to display the product. I planned to use this ‘find.’ But found it another home, when it didn’t fit into my small house.

Most exciting? I welcomed #5 today.

A preliminary photo. Or teaser…

Early days. I need to pick up the chairs tomorrow. The red chair isn’t staying. Not sure how I will arrange the room, what accessories I’ll add. Whether I’ll use an area rug under the table.

I know there will be fresh flowers. There always are, because they make me happy.

This is my 5th dining table in the past 6 months. It’s becoming a game. Thinking of doing 12 tables in 12 months–just for fun. And to see if I can do it.

I’ll post more photos this week when I finish the room.

Though I use the term ‘finish’ loosely…

What’s Been Keeping Me Busy Lately?

I have been working on my list of projects…

It never makes sense to throw paint around or buy new furniture in the months before Christmas, or over the New Year’s holiday. Too much going on with the festivities.

But I always get my house in order at this time of year, before the warm weather arrives. We only have a few months of it and I try to enjoy them.

So I painted my son’s room. Not because it needed painted. Just to do a little something different. My kids are used to me changing things up. We keep the basics…the pictures, books, family photos and such. But often freshen up the paint color and accessories. For no good reason, really. It’s just fun for the kids…

Here’s the before (Right) Old furniture painted white and dark, barn red walls…A perfectly good room. But it has looked the same for nearly 3 years. An eternity for my children.

And so I found a new bed frame at an auction for $8. And was given a mid-century, solid wood, Johnson Carper dresser by a friend. Then I hung a retro mirror that I bought at an auction for $2. Same room. Same accessories. $10, plus a can of paint. (I have a paint store at my house–mostly all given to me by others…)

The result:

Then there’s our dining room that is (again) getting a facelift.

Because I sold our dining room set. Then bought a new set. Painted it spicy red on a whim, during that awful snowstorm several weeks back. Then sold it two weeks ago.

I change the rooms in my houses  like other people change their socks and underwear.

Me: Where are you taking that blanket?

Darling Daughter: It’s mine

Me: I’m finishing up dinner. Why are you washing grapes?

Darling Daughter: I want grapes at my picnic.

Me: I HATE grapes.

Darling Daughter: I love grapes.

Me: Wait…WHAT picnic?

I guess that’s what happens when there is NO dining room table. We picnic.

Guess who else likes grapes?

The Red Dog, of course. He ate the grapes Darling Daughter tossed at him. AND the ones The Little Black Dog spit out on the ground…

Then the garage and basement storage rooms got cleaned out. Several small tables changed color. As did a few chairs. I painted a dresser, or two. Refinished another. The usual.

I also made a really pretty chalkboard that was donated to a nearby community’s PTA auction. I had a large mid-century frame. Gave it a fresh coat of paint, roughed it up a little to let the yellow show through. Then sealed it with a spray acrylic. I attached birch plywood that I painted with chalkboard paint. Loved it so much I didn’t want to give it away. It looked lovely after I wrapped a big ribbon around it and put a cute little Green Door tag on it.

But I had to give it away because I committed to the donation…

I did use some of my leftover materials to make a couple of smaller chalkboards for our house. They are okay, but I’m sill looking for a large vintage frame like the one pictured above, so that I can create something like the one that is now hanging in somebody elses house.

Luckily, it won’t take me long to move on.

There is a dining room table somewhere out there looking for me. My budget for the dining room? There isn’t one. Lately I’ve thought of the ways I could make a table out of a century home door that has been in my garage since last summer…

I have a white picket fence to finish. Children to raise. A blog to write. Bills to pay. Dogs that need walked. An eBay store in the middle of an overhaul. A house to clean. I’m searching for a bedroom set for one friend, a dining room set and other odds and ends for another friend–and trying to figure out how to market and sell some items for several others.

AND…I’m still looking for a job.

On the bright side?

When I find this elusive job, my house will be so fantastically Perfect and organized that I may not need to do much besides mop floors and vacuum for years.

Which is good, because I will probably have little time for more than that.

And I certainly won’t mind that at all!!

Anybody Want a SQUARE Egg?

I attended a local auction last night to buy items to sell  on my eBay site.  My neighbor, Chapman (that’s what I call her) and I rode together, as usual.

We looked around before the auction started.  As ever, I started out serious. I needed to stay focused, to bid on (and win) items that I wanted.

And I got what I wanted in the first 35 minutes – and for better prices than I expected.


That’s when the fun began for me.  I shuffled up toward the front and found a desk along the wall to sit on.  I didn’t want to miss anything.

As is typical, the Auctioneer and Helpers loosened up, as the auction progressed. They tried  to get bidding started on some junk in the back…

Auctioneer: $10….$5….Nobody? Anybody want it for $2?

At least ten hands went  up–Immediately.

Auctioneer: Look at that! It’s like a hillbilly prayer meeting.

He sold whatever it was for $2, then moved to a cluster of candles.

Helper: Look at that. Brand new! Never even out of their wrappings.

Auctioneer started doing his thing and the bid was soon up to $17. For candles? And they weren’t even pretty.  Not sure what they sold for. I was too stunned to take it in…

Helper (mumbled): Yep. Smell just like horse shit.

Only a few of us up front heard and we couldn’t hold back the snickers.

Then there was a box of sewing items. I was on it, because I have done well with that type of thing on eBay.

Auctioneer:  $10, $5, Nobody? How about $2

I nodded.

Auctioneer: $3 , now $4, will you go $5, $6,

I was in a bidding war with an elderly guy on the other side of the room, with a beard like Santa Claus? Really?

Auctioneer: $7…you’re out? $8 …

And on it went until “Beardie”  won the lot.

Me: What’s he going to do with sewing crap?

Helper: Who knows? What does anybody do with any of this sh#%? Hoard it?

Me: Not me, I resell it on eBay. Like, it gets listed tonight.

He nodded his approval and went back to business.

As things wound down, I wandered to a table in the back, took a seat and looked over the costume jewelry I’d won. I accomplished my mission—no need to pay attention while the leftovers were unloaded on whoever wanted to drag them out of there. The Auctioneer and Helpers were basically looking for somebody to clean up for them.

Nobody bid on choice of about 25 HUGE boxes on a pallet in back. Not even for $2.

Choice means pick a box for $2. They tend to offer choice until ALL boxes are gone. In this case, there were about 25 of them.

Auctioneer: Everybody wants it.  Just don’t want to put their hands up.

I continued with my task at a back table. Until…

Auctioneer:  SOLD!

My head snapped up.

Auctioneer:  EVERYTHING TO #55!!!

I admit it…I cursed. Heads turned toward me.

Me: Sorry…she’s my neighbor. That means I have to load that mess into Chapman’s truck and then unload it all when we get back home!!!

Snickers and chuckles from those around me. I was riding home in the “Sanford and Son” Mobile.  They knew it. I knew it.

Then the apprentice Auctioneer took over for the last several items. Unfortunately, his name was Marco.

So…they announced Marco.

Crowd: POLO!!!

And they were off…quite a few in the crowd played the Marco – Polo game, while Marco took bids on a box of China and breakables.

At least until the Helper dropped it…and bidding stopped.


Then a roar of laughter around the place. (Which probably drowned out the Helper’s cursing)

When the auction was over, I walked over to have a look at the (please let there be) Hidden Treasures in my neighbors pile. I was NOT super excited to drag home a pickup truck full of boxes, destined for the garbage.

I picked up a painted wood bird and waved it at Chapman.

Me: Hey Chapman, I’m giving you the bird!!

The first thing I saw. One word.


Would anybody want a SQUARE egg?

In the end, we (over) loaded the entire bed of the pickup. And then we unloaded it at Chapman’s house.

I tramped home, my tiny jewelry box in hand. As I settled in and got to work, my cell phone buzzed.  I relayed the ‘goings on’ to The New Friend.

The New Friend: TIP –  Don’t go to the auction with your neighbor.

Me: She has the pickup truck. AND she doesn’t complain when I drag home dining room sets…(or dressers, or credenza’s…)

The wonderful news?

When the next morning, I had already sold one item I purchased last night. And for enough that I am already ahead…

How Badly am I Screwing up my Children?


When my children were toddlers, I often checked them while they slept. They looked so sweet snuggled up in their blankets. So peaceful and innocent. In those moments, I was overcome by a joy that defies words or explanation.

That joy was quickly followed by paralyzing fear as I wondered, “How much did I screw them up today?”

There are still days I ponder how damaging it is for my children to grow up with me as their mother. Right now, they are teenagers. They (still) love me. Or at least I think they do!

But they haven’t begun to process their childhoods yet. That happens later, when they are grown and moved out of my home—possibly married and raising children of their own. That is when the darts start flying.

I THINK I have done a decent job in parenting my children. I know that was my intention. And that I tried (really, really hard) to be a good mother. But I will need to wait many more years before I find out what those two really think of my parenting methods.  In 15 years, at a random family gathering (such as Thanksgiving), I see it going something like this…

Darling Daughter: “Mom, why did you ALWAYS sell my furniture?”

I’ll be a sitting duck. Blindsided at the dinner table, fork halfway to my mouth, barely able to remember her furniture.

Then, it will slowly come back to me…

Just a couple of weeks ago, the kids and I traveled to Virginia to visit family for Christmas. We arrived in Leesburg, Virginia on Christmas day. After unloading the car, we all sat down to catch up.

As we chatted, I dragged out my laptop because I hadn’t checked my emails or eBay sales  for the day. We had been on the road for six hours.

Darling Daughter:  I LIKE my dresser. I really don’t want you to sell it, Mom.

Me:  (feeling the Christmas spirit) You can keep the Dresser. If you really like it, I won’t sell it.

Darling Daughter: Thanks, Mom.

I glanced down at my eBay summary page…

Me: Whoops, I spoke to soon. Your dresser sold today. And it’s already paid for. Sorry.

My side of the story: I purchased the dresser at an estate sale and always planned to re-sell it. It made sense to put it in my daughter’s room, for her to use it until I did so. She HATED the dresser at first. To me, the dresser was inventory.

Darling Daughter’s side of the story: She did hate the dresser at first, but then grew to like it—especially when I painted her room and added other dark wood furniture.

I certainly didn’t know she developed an attachment to the damned dresser. Otherwise, I would have removed it from my eBay Store listings. So now I am the cold-hearted mother that sold her daughter’s favorite dresser. And if it isn’t her favorite dresser yet, it will be by the time she has children and gets to tell the story!!

Nothing I can do. The dresser sold.

Luckily, I had a spare dresser in the garage. On deck, waiting to be stained and ‘prettied’ up–and I made quick work of the task. I wanted to make my daughter happy, as much as I wanted the ‘neat’ stacks of clothing on her bedroom floor put away.

Because I routinely buy and sell furniture, I do keep ‘spares’ around. Sort of like people keep extra toothbrushes for guests…

Me: You know…I think I like this dresser even better than the one that just sold.

Darling Daughter:  So do I.

We both stood smiling, looking at her ‘new’ dresser. Kind of having a ‘warm’ and ‘fuzzy’ mother/daughter moment.

Darling Daughter: Does that mean you are going to sell THIS one, too?

Oh boy, I am going to take a beating around that Thanksgiving table down the road…

No doubt about it.

I see my future. But for now, ignorance is bliss. I am keeping my illusions. I will continue giving this ‘parenting’ thing my best efforts each day, until the children burst my bubble later on. It’s really all I can do.