My Days of Ice Skating are Over

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My FIRST and LAST Color Run. Another  “Color Walk?” Maybe. Another  “Color Run?” Doubtful.

I was part of conversation about golfing for blind people, which quickly digressed into a “nut shot” comment—and some good natured laughter. It got me thinking.


Our vision (if we are blessed with vision in the first place) gets worse with age, but so do a lot of things.

My potential bucket list is shrinking—and I hadn’t even realized it!!!

Things I’d like to do:

  1. Zip line: while I can still “fly thru the air with the greatest of ease…”
  2. Chalet Toboggan Shute’s (Strongsville, Ohio): while my knee still tolerates walking up steps.
  3. More Concerts: while I still have my hearing.
  4. More bike rides (with a helmet) because I’ve always LOVED riding my bike, and I don’t ride it enough.

Things that are out:

  1. Ice Skating: a former figure skater, I actually broke my wrist last time I skated 10 years ago.
  2. Roller skating/roller blading: Just NO, even though I wore elbow pads, knee pads, a helmet when I rollerbladed in my 30s. Really, most things with wheels are out; skateboards, scooters, etc.
  3. Skiing is over, too. This girl who was an excellent skier in the glows of youth and as a young adult cannot handle the chair lifts in New York, where they are not even that high off the ground! Almost being  evacuated from a broken lift in Colorado didn’t stop me when I was younger. Now? Forget it. I get all sweaty, anxious. It’s embarrassing! I cursed (a lot) the last time I was up in a lift with my kids. They won’t ride up with me anymore. Plus, my knee doesn’t cooperate very well.
  4. Swinging on swing sets is out because it gives me motion sickness. For real! My favorite childhood pastime is out.

Funny how one silly conversation can start the wheels turning…

Anybody else got anything?

Things you still want to do? Things that are out? How you discovered an activity was out? Or why it’s out?

This could be fun…

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