Playing with Perfect Part II

Prop bros

Property Brothers and Me

Ever wonder what comes after the mess?

Quite a few years ago I started blogging about being a single parent. I had a house, a pool, a marriage, kids, dogs, a life, and a PLAN. I was a stay at home mother, with a BA in Management/Finance that I’d never used. I knew who I was and where I belonged. And then I didn’t. That’s when things got interesting…

Playing with Perfect was born.

In the blog, I told stories of the adventure of becoming a single parent, setting up a new household with me (gasp…) at the helm, and the bumpy process of entering the workforce at 38 years old—in an economic downturn, after home values and investments tanked, and when the world didn’t need another “bust out” looking for a job/career. It should have been a complete disaster, but it ended up being really, really fun. Playing with Perfect Part I was quite a ride. I will always value the lessons learned.

Part II of Playing with Perfect begins now—in 2017.

Another volume, with new stories.

The Kids: Are lovely; both in college and they come home for visits. We continue to make memories and I adore the adults they’ve become.

Me: I’m still single. (For now…) But I’m far more open to meeting the right person, than I used to be. I’m more established now, have a solid job in downtown Cleveland, own my own home, have a small art business, and the nest is empty. Just me and my trusty dog, Grace. For the first time in my adult life, it’s all about me, and I’m enjoying it. I’ve often joked that it would take quite a fella to drag me into a serious commitment.

My Home: In the summer of 2016, I bought a HUD/Bank Owned property. Though most would have seen an oversized outbuilding in disrepair, I saw a cozy cottage—my future dream home. It was in rough shape, but I’m slowly renovating it. Ever so slowly… Far more slowly than I’d planned! I’ll be posting more on this, with photos, for those who wanting to follow the progress.

My Art: I’ve lived my whole life in cities along Lake Erie’s shoreline. The beach is my happy, peaceful place. I’ve always walked outdoors, in the woods, and along the beaches of Lake Erie, east of Cleveland; always brought nature indoors in the form of pinecones, leaves, flowers, branches, beach glass, and driftwood. Eventually, my “found objects” made their way onto canvas, housed in antique/vintage frames, and this year onto salvage wood. Did I mention that I adore vintage? That I find ways to repurpose, upcycle anything old? Furniture, frames, vintage jewelry…and apparently homes? Or at least my current home.

Art in Cleveland: Over the years art has grown into a small business. With my background in Business/Management, it makes Perfect sense. I’m blessed to marry my creativity with my love of marketing, writing, my college studies, and professional experiences. I sometimes collaborate with Shirley’s Loft on 185th Street in Cleveland, do shows/events around town, but more often sell art online thru my website.


My blog posts dropped off as the kids motored through high school, and started college.

But I’ve been thinking it would be fun to start writing again, to tell stories of being an empty nester, renovating a home, creating art, being single in my 40s, and (God help me) visits with the adult children. There are so many stories to tell.

Turns out there’s life after raising children, after we mop up the messes our younger selves created.

Here’s to Playing with Perfect Part II and another new beginning.

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