Life Lessons by Michael J. Fox

7 Life Lessons: by Michael J. Fox

1 . Don’t let opportunity pass you by

 2. Marry the right person

3. Keep your head up

4. Listen to your loved ones

5. Teach your children well

6. Fight the good fight

7. Never give up

7 life lessons by michael j fox oct 2013 issue good housekeeping magazine






Saw his ‘life lessons’ today and loved them. Mr. Fox is featured in the Oct. 2013 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine. Can’t wait to read the full article.

Anybody have any lessons to add?

Happy Birthday to me …

Some things never change.

I really love cake. Most any cake. Cupcakes. Cheesecake. Chocolate Cake…

What did I do today in honor of  my birthday ???

43 bday cake

I got a cake, of course!!

For breakfast, I had a slice of cake. For lunch, another slice of cake. By dinner, I needed more than just sugar and I had to have some real food.

Doesn’t my cake look pretty in its vintage 1960s cake platter with matching lid?

Got it at an estate sale this summer. It’s also a punch bowl; just flip the base over, then flip the lid over and it sits Perfectly in the base.

I use it to store muffins, cookie bars and other snacks. Just stack them in and cover with the lid. It’s heavy, so I’ve been careful not to drop either of the pieces on my foot, or the ground. The glass is so heavy, I’m not sure it would break if it hit the floor.  Though it would for sure break my foot!!

Today, it holds my birthday cake.

Which is making me quite happy…