Girl Scout Cookies

cookiesgsI opened up my Facebook this morning, and thought “this is why I love my family.”

Cousin J:  I wonder if Thin Mints are organic…yes I will believe they are…

Aunt Kate: Thank God you have declared this! Feel much better about the 2 boxes I ate!

Cousin J: Yes…green box. They are crack in my world.

Last Friday, I stopped at the grocery store for a ‘little snack.’ I was in the mood for some popcorn. That was my plan going in. I swear! But as I entered the lobby, there was a table of adorable little girls sitting behind a mountain of cookies.

Me: I’ll be RIGHT BACK…

The little girls nodded, their heads like bobble head dolls–as I made for the inside of the grocery store.

Inside, I beelined for cold milk in the back refrigerator section–then checked out. With just the milk!

Used my handy debit card to pay for the milk and got a few extra dollars. Within minutes, I was next in line at the cookie table–cash in one hand, gallon of milk in the other.

My family?

They’re like me. We get each other. I’ve always said that Girl Scout Cookies are like drugs, can’t open a sleeve without doing the whole ‘line.’ And there’s got to be milk. (especially since I quit the Diet Coke again last month…)

And so I know Cousin J is in California getting his fix–just like Aunt Kate and I in Cleveland.


The Brilliance of Girl Scout Cookies…

From a marketing standpoint, the cookie fundraiser is brilliant. It’s an American tradition. The cookie event doesn’t compete with summer picnics, or Halloween, or Christmas cookies. Nor does it happen in January, when everybody begins their New Year’s diet.

It happens when everybody has dieted long enough to be weak.

Further, it happens once a year–so we get excited when we spot the familiar boxes. Many people even stock up! Put them in the freezer. And who can feel guilty about downing ‘lines’ of cookies when they won’t be available for another year?

There’s a statistic that says 80% of women entrepreneurs were once Girl Scouts. That cannot be a coincidence.

In fact, I came across a short article on by Geri Stengel is the founder of, that supports the theory that selling Girl Scout Cookies helps girls develop entrepreneurial skills.

To view the article, click here:  Why Girl Scouts Become Entrepreneurs

So….at least Cousin J, Aunt Kate and I can feel good about our addiction. Our habit helps to develop the next generation of female leadership, right?


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