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Several weeks ago, I converted my blog so that it is now a self hosted site.

Prior to that, I used a free WordPress site. Meaning WordPress took care of all the ‘stuff’ I didn’t want to deal with. That worked really well for a long time.

Playing with Perfect might look the same, but a lot has changed thanks to my team of Happiness Engineers. It certainly made me ‘happy’ that they did the conversion for me–sparing me ‘more stuff’ I neither wanted to do and that might have taken me years to figure out HOW to do!!

I’m still using the WordPress software as a framework. (Anybody can download WordPress blogging software for free.)

Why the change?

I needed room to grow…

In being ‘self hosted’ I can do much more with my site. Many more tools (or Plugins & Widgets for those who use WordPress) are available, once I get comfortable using them.

Some might have jumped on my site and wondered “Am I at the right place?”

You are. I’ve been playing with new themes, trying them out and working hard to learn. Playing with Perfect remains a live site–so when I change its look and you click on a link to it, you’ll see all the ‘fun’ I’m having.

Sometimes my ‘fun’ looks pretty–And sometimes its a train wreck. There are also times the process isn’t any FUN at all!!

So…that’s the update.

I’m hoping to be done with the process this week. And then get back to my regular blogging routine.

Many thanks to all the readers who have hung in there with me through the transition…

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