Teaching the ‘old dog’ (That’s me…)

I had to capture this with my iPhone because I can’t be the ONLY person with this going on…

Mind you, I’m the worst videographer in the universe.

NOBODY asks me to videotape. When I tried to record a football game last year, my son and his dad got so angry, they had to turn it off!!

I had the camera turned on while it was sitting on the bleachers. (I thought it was paused during a time out) Then found myself watching the football sail through the air through the camera lens. Completely missed the formation, players on the field. And when I saw the receiver in place (my son) I jumped up to yell and forgot I was even taping. Oops…

Imagine my poor son watching the tape and every time a good play got started, I got all excited and MISSED IT. Instead, I captured the sky, the ground, the bleachers, etc.

Anyways, this is my first ever video. With music. And even credits!!

We’ve had some snow in recent weeks and the Red Dog wants to go outside every 3 minutes. He doesn’t drink water, he eats snow. He curls up and relaxes in the snow.

He won’t come inside unless I yell “cookie” or “cheese.” And because he’s 8 1/2 and a little stiff, I think he might like to lay in the snow to ice himself down?

No idea what his deal is, but he sure is happy in the snow…


Anyways, I’m the ‘old dog’ learning new tricks. Enjoy my first video. And go easy on my skills (or lack of skills…)

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