Will it make you Happy?

How often do we ask ourselves that question?  

At a gathering last night, I ended up talking with somebody I haven’t seen in nearly a decade. Despite that, he ‘got me’ with barely any conversation.

He had a several interesting ideas for career paths I might pursue. I told him about my marketing job and that I had some other things going on, as well. Also that I interviewed for several full-time jobs recently.

Old Friend: But will you be happy?

Me: No.

The word ‘no’ was out of my mouth without the slightest pause. I rambled some about my responsibilities, car situation (because I do tend to ramble…) before he interrupted me.

Old Friend: DON’T DO IT. Keep doing what you’re doing.

I was speechless. Stunned that he cut to the heart of my inner struggle. One that weighed on me through most of 2012. Whether to continue working toward a career that excites me, lights me up and gives me energy–or to find a job, any job. (Hence the interviews…)

Later last night, I was reminded of a favorite quote. It’s what he meant. (I think.) What he seemed to understand, without any explanation from me.


Thus far, the full-time jobs haven’t panned out. But other things have. Projects that will challenge me and that I cannot wait to dig into…

Despite the interviews, my gut keeps telling me to stay on my path. To work a little harder. Be more aggressive. Maybe have a little more patience. (Patience is my downfall…)

Running into that fella and his words of wisdom (there was more where that came from…) last night was Perfect timing.

I somehow got  just what I needed–and I wasn’t even looking for it. What a gift!

Special Note: Thanks John A. You might soon be added to my list of ‘favorite’ people. You are an inspiration. And I very much enjoyed visiting with you…

4 thoughts on “Will it make you Happy?

    • I agree with you. That was the reason for the interviews. To keep the roof over my head. But since that avenue hasn’t yet fallen into place, I’ve got to keep working at something–might as well be something I love, that I’m good at.

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