Oh Christmas Tree … (that I didn’t want)

christmas tree 001

We got a Christmas tree today.

And not because I wanted to, but because my daughter said we HAD to. It was mostly a disaster–but that’s standard for us. And the dogs went, which only added to the chaos…

I kind of wanted to boycott (or skip) Christmas this year.

I’m NOT  a Scrooge. These feelings are a first for me.

Mostly because I have more on my plate, than ever before. The normal routine of cooking, grocery shopping, sports events, activities, yard work, housework. And because my daughter is a senior in high school–there is talk of college, FAFSA forms, scholarships, ACT’s, etc. As a single parent, the daily routine falls on me.

Added to the kids and house, there’s my job in marketing. But also a growing number of side projects; writing corporate blogs, marketing plans, web content and more. And so I finally have a website for my freelance work. A simple one, but it’s a start…

Most days, I start working at home before 7am, then go to my marketing manager job. After that, there are often meetings, or events to attend for my side projects. I run home to make dinner (if I can) and pull the house together–then am on my computer working until midnight. Sometimes later…

I’ve no objection to Christmas, or a Christmas tree.

I’m just exhausted. And overwhelmed.

Dragging the Christmas stuff out for a few short weeks–then dragging it back down to the basement has as been all too much for me. But Daughter insisted.

We do quirky trees since the divorce. Not that I ever worried about having a Perfect holiday…

But pre-divorce we had our routine of my getting Hallmark Ornaments each year. I chose ornaments that reflected the kids year, or else they helped me choose. There were certain traditions each year.

Without the family unit, it would be strange to continue some traditions. We kept the traditions that made sense; the baking, cutting down the tree…

But adapted others. And so we put whatever decorations that seem fun on the tree. And we choose odd trees that catch our eye.

A few years ago, we ended up with Timmy the Tubby Tree (more shrub than tree). From the angle and editing of the photo, its hard to tell that tree was about 3 feet tall (and that is a generous estimate) and 4+ feet wide.

tubby tree-Alex pic

Last year, Tommy the Twisty Tree  was crooked. Really crooked. The pink line indicates how a straight trunk would line up. Our tree was straight at the bottom, but twisted its way up, taking a sharp right near the top.

suessdouble tree






And still, it was pretty all decorated up. Especially with the lights dimmed!! Even though it looked sort of like the crooked tree in the Dr. Seuss books…

We think we’re naming our tree Tallulah.

But her description eludes us. Charlie brown has nothing on her…

The upsides? Won’t take long to decorate–or UN-decorate. Don’t need more lights. It’s so light, even a child could pick it up in the stand and move it.

And the owner of the Christmas tree farm stopped me as I walked to the cashier, asked for my ticket and marked it $25. (It’s over 6′ tall, which gives an idea of how sparse the branches are…) Most of the trees are $40 and up.

Best of all, I’m gaining a bit of enthusiasm for Christmas. (But only a tiny bit…) And mostly because I had so much fun with the kids and dogs on our outing.

I’ll post the photos tomorrow. Hopefully, we’ll get her decorated tonight. Should take about 15 minutes.

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  1. I admire your Christmas spirit and joyfulness humor in the wake of going through some tough times. Your ship will come in and I will keep praying that this happens soon!!! Good job on this blog!


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