Election 2012 ~ Is it Over Yet?

Just another couple of days and Election 2012 will be over.

Not a moment too soon…

I live in Ohio. Where there is a constant stream of television commercials. Our phone rings off the hook. We’ve even had people knock on our door to personally deliver campaign materials. Just can’t get away from this election.

Online, it continues with pop-up ads and those expressing their opinions all over Facebook, blogs and other forms of social media.

I don’t even want to think about the cost of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, television commercials, radio and print ads. Travel expenses; airplanes gas, food, hotel rooms and other misc. expenses to move candidates around the country to campaign. Then there’s the fundraisng…dinners, formal events, solicitations.

Let’s not forget that those working for campaigns are paid. Speechwriters, aids, analysts,  Campaign Mangers and more. Staffing campaigns isn’t cheap.

Almost makes me wonder if there should be spending caps for political campaigns, just like there are salary caps in professional sports.

Imagine if somebody tallied up ALL money spent on Election 2012 and put it towards any ONE issue. Unemployment, Education, Health Care, etc. I would imagine a some good could have been done…

What did all this money pay for?

Mostly negativity. All manner of facts were gathered, arguments constructed, data manipulated. It would be nearly impossible to dig deep enough to find the truth in all of it.

Which is crazy if you consider that there are those firmly to the right, who will always vote straight Republican. And those firmly to the left, who will always vote straight Democrat. They probably aren’t changing their minds.

Candidates are fighting for the votes of those who fall somewhere in the middle. (I’m not sure what percentage of voters fall into that group.)

What I’ve been wondering…

Do the negative ads really sway people? Do people really vote based on them?

For me, it almost does the opposite. I’m turned off by nasty Facebook posts that attack others, call them stupid, or ignorant because they have an opposing political view. When I see that, it doesn’t make me agree with the person dishing it out. It makes me look harder at the other side.

Which brings me to my first ever blog poll. It’s kind of an experiment, as I’ve never put one in a blog before. But I’m a little curious to know if the negativity affects how people vote…

8 thoughts on “Election 2012 ~ Is it Over Yet?

  1. The esteemed author David McCullough was on 60 minutes tonight and had the exact point of view on the exhorbitant cost of these political campaigns, you are in good company!

  2. I might know that, but I wasn’t watching TV, because I almost can’t watch it these days. I was reading a book. (I’ve read several good ones lately!!) But thanks for letting me know. I’ll see if I can look that up online.

    Maybe I could understand the cost, if the information put out there was useful, informative or I could trust it to be fact. But so much of it has been negative to the point where I tune out. Ugh!

  3. I was just talking with my mother how the negative ads make me look deeper in the other direction. But everyone’s doing it…like a good ol’ game of pong. Also, there’s a lot of pressure to vote one way or the other by students on campus. I can tell you even this positive grassroots campaigning makes me want to consider the other side. Good thing voted early…no changing that check mark now.

  4. Then its not just me!! I think part of it is the Libra in me (And you?). Not that I’m into astrology, but our sign is the ‘balanced scales.’ Meaning we see both sides, or try hard to see the other side, to look deeper. As for positive grassroots campaigning, or any campaigning–that’s the problem…people can be so staunch in their beliefs that they end up being rude (even nasty) when pushing their agenda. What begins as a positive, can quickly turn negative–even when the intentions are good. Ugh! I vote tomorrow and thank goodness for it…

  5. Hmmm…makes me think of my little ‘unofficial’ poll question. Wonder if some of those who were swayed by the negative campaign where swayed to vote for the OTHER side???

  6. Good Analysis! Yes, leave it to our illustrious government to “squander” money. They are extremely diligent at spending money. I say a time study person should do a study on all federal government jobs. My guess is there are trillions of dollars spent with absolutely no return. Here is my final take. Every wage earner would pay 12% of gross wages for federal income tax that would come right out of the paycheck. No deductions, no credits, no audits, no filing forms, nothing. Obviously there would be some consideration given to dependents, self employed people, and companys. It could all be worked out very easily. The budget deficit could be reduced significantly and the budget balanced in a matter of a few years.

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