Hurricane Sandy and Things I Don’t Understand

On any given day, there are many things I don’t understand. To some degree, I know it is because I’m a simple girl. (If there is such a thing as a simple female.)

As I watched Hurricane Sandy coverage I wondered…

1. Why do people refuse to evacuate?

Makes no sense. Especially when remaining in harm’s way, means others lives are endangered trying to rescue them at a later date.

2. Why do people drive in deep water?

Cars are not hovercrafts. This isn’t Batman, where the Batmobile magically turns into another form of transportation. If you drive a Chevy Malibu down a street that has turned into a river, there is a good chance the Chevy will bite the dust–as might its driver.

3. Why do people drive where it says Road Closed?

As one reporter stood next to a Road Closed sign, the news camera panned to show cars lined up to make the turn down that road? Why? Everybody knows that a car cannot drive across a pond–so why try to drive over several feet of water?  If a road is closed, it is closed for a reason.

4. Why do newscasters endanger themselves?

No need for them to be up to their waists in dirty, filthy water. Risking infection. To camp out on a pier, until two minutes before the pier washes away. To get all gussied up in plastic rain gear that makes them look like human condoms. With big, rubber knee boots. To be bent over by winds, shouting so that we cannot understand them.  I realize that reporting news involves covering war zones, natural disasters and such. That their reports educate and empower their audience. And yet, sometimes they go to far…

5. The New York City Crane.

We’ve all watched footage of it dangling over New York City. And heard the dumb questions. Could it fall? Um, duh. Could the wind blow it several blocks, through a window, into a building? Blow pieces/parts God knows how far and injure people? Uh….yeah.

Maybe the best of them all. Is it possible to send a crew up to secure it? In a hurricane? Spiderman is a cartoon character, he isn’t real, so we cannot dispatch him to scale the side of a building to ‘fix’ a crane in a hurricane. Common sense dictates that helicopters can’t fly in between buildings, under such severe weather conditions. That a human being would be blown about, trying to climb up there and work on that crane.

My only question was the one I didn’t hear asked. WHY leave a crane on a building soon to become the tallest residential building in NYC with a hurricane approaching? I’m sure it would have been expensive to remove it, or lower it, etc. However, repairing and/or removing the broken crane and dealing with damage caused may far exceed the cost of removing/moving it as a precaution.

6. The dumbest question of all, what about the homeless?

What’s going to happen to them? Probably they’ll be wet and cold. However, it’s almost winter. And so wet, cold AND freezing is a way of life in the winter, in colder climates. This should be a concern every day–not just during hurricane coverage. Which was thankfully what the person being interviewed said.

I’m sure that there are reasons for why people did what they did, their actions and reactions.

Hurricanes are natural disasters. We can’t control them. Or the damage they inflict. But we can control some of the variables.

For example, we can stay inside. We can evacuate. Remove ourselves from as much of the danger as is possible. We can avoid closed roads, or driving through bodies of water. We can shelter the homeless, at least try give them the option of indoor accommodation.

Probably, I’m too simple to comprehend the complexities.

So, in the coming days, I’ll keep an eye on the news to see what I can do to help. Maybe I can donate something, or help in some small way.

Or I could always send Al Roker a new plastic poncho/condom. We have some lightweight red ones that nobody wants to wear…

5 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy and Things I Don’t Understand

  1. Ha,ha. Very good Amy! You got the old man’s humor. One of my favorites was when one of thoses weather guys was reporting with high and howling winds holding on to a light pole and actually hanging vertically reporting the latest weather conditions. My answer to why do these people get crazy during weather disasters. They love it! The drama, the excitement, the challenge, ah the thrill of it all! They live for these moments. I was watching Jimmy Cantori last night standing in knee deep water just a few yards from a surging ocean saying, thats it; me and the crew we gotta get out of here—half hour later Jimmy’s still sloshing around in his trusty boots and that “funny outfit” saying the same thing.


    • I know, djh!! They were all sloshing around in the ‘trusty’ rubber boots. Some with water to their waists. But I don’t think the boots protect them from the nasty stuff in the water or live power lines falling in the water? After a while, it was comedy for me. Which made me feel bad, because that is so WRONG.

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