Friday Night Football in the Rain …

There have been some lovely fall days in Cleveland, Ohio.

When the sun was shining. When I appreciated leaves on trees turning to golden-yellow, apple red, rusty browns and oranges.

Except come Friday evening, it ALL goes to shi#. Every week!!

And the timing is NOT Perfect in this case. It happens just as Clevelander’s gather in bleachers across the area to watch high school football.

Dick Goddard is calling for rain tonight. Again.

Almost every Friday, we football fans leave the game soaked. And by ‘fans’ I mean parents. On the rainy nights, it’s mainly parents shuffling out to the parking lot after the game is over.

Parents are required to stay.

Our bleachers have been anemic for some of the games. The Band. Parents. Grandparents. A stray girlfriend, siblings, a smattering of die-hard high school teenagers…

That’s because sitting outside in foul weather is ALL about the love.

Pure and simple. Love means not bowing out. Means going to the game.

Riding in the car with Aunt Kate yesterday:

Me: Dad emailed me and said its supposed to rain AGAIN tonight.

Kate: Oh…

Me: Yeah. Said he was really excited we’d be sitting outside, getting pelted with rain again. He can’t wait!!

(My Dad is a unique unit, with a unique sense of humor…)

Kate: I probably won’t be out there in the rain.

Me: I’ll be out there.

Kate: Last week, I was good until the 3rd quarter. When my jeans were soaked. That was it for me. I was OUT.

(Note: Aunt Kate has been to nearly all the games…)

My executive decision for tonight:

If the weather is a cold, rainy mess, I’m going as GUMBY to tonight’s game…

And it has nothing to do with Halloween.

Aunt Kate has gear for inclement weather. Thick rain coats with enormous hoods and those huge, rubbery looking pants—I think they’re Columbia brand. And I know they’re from her son’s days at Lake Catholic High School where Gumby Green was one of the school colors.

So I’m wearing the big, rubber, green GUMBY-wear.

I may look like an as#—but I will be dry inside my green suit.

And I’ll apply a little lipstick to help out my cause.

Along with the GUMBY-wear,  I’ll be sporting my clunky (and warm) Columbia boots, because what’s the difference? Not like they could ruin the look.

Anyways, I don’t care how ridiculous I look.

I’ve looked ridiculous at EVERY game, because I don’t do ‘downpours’ graciously. I go drowned rat. Wet clothing stuck to my skin, shoes squashing, hair plastered to my scalp.

And umbrella’s aren’t my thing. In my hand, they’re like a weapon. Too many ways for me to take an eye out, or club somebody upside the head. Or I’d hold it at such an angle that a river of rain streamed down onto my father’s head…. (Not that he would complain)

Trust me, I’ve clubbed plenty of people with my purse. (On accident) Thankfully, I’m nice and most people don’t mind. But they would mind being poked in the eye.

Which is why the green rubber suit is a good idea.

I’m checking the radar this afternoon. And if things are looking ‘green’ across our area, I’m dressing appropriately.

Don’t care if people laugh at me. I’ll be warm and dry in the GUMBY-wear.

I’ll have my pedicure going for me in my boots. Nobody will see my tootsies, but I’ll know they look pretty. My shiny lip gloss will make me happy. And I do LOVE high school sports. Love watching the kids do their thing, the band play…

And come Saturday, it will be far too wet to rake leaves.

Aunt Kate: Kathy says people should just “let God handle the leaves…”

Me: Huh?

Kate: Yeah. Like, just let them blow around out there…

Works for me. I already cleaned sludge out of the gutters this morning. I’m okay with the leaves blowing about outside this weekend. (Not sure my neighbors are on board…)

As for tonight, maybe I take after my Dad, but I’m looking forward to some football tonight.  Maybe I’ll see how many rubber suits Aunt Kate has. Maybe my Dad will want one, too?

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Football in the Rain …

  1. Ah Yes! Can’t wait to park it on those warm,wet, comfortable aluminum bleacher seats at the stadium. Since my grandson is playing, I would go in a hurricane if need be.Will be wearing my steel toe workboots, should be enough for the inclement weather. Also a great opportunity to visit with my daughter and granddaughter, and of course Zak, the favorite BF. Can’t believe it’s the last game already. Will miss the games, and the weather. This is what it is all about,eh!
    Amy’s dad.

  2. Not to worry Dad, wrestling season is only a few weeks away. Which means we go INDOORS! There’s still more fun to be had, though there is only J.V. & Varsiy for wrestling–so not sure how much Nick will wrestle this year. (But I know it will be fun to watch wrestling, whether Nick is on the mat or not, fun to hang with you and the family…) The kids and I have LOVED having you at games over the years. The only strange thing for me is that this is the last year we’ll have Katie with us at the high school events, we’re going to blink and she’ll be off at college.

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