The Hunt for #7, or is it #8?

And no…I’m not on the hunt for more children or dogs. Nor am I looking for another man.

Though I will be out socializing tonight. And there’ll be alcohol. I suppose you just never know…

What I am really looking for is another dining table. I think it will be #7 in our dining room since January 2012.  I just sold another…

Goodbye Trestle Table.

We’ve enjoyed breaking bread with you these last couple of months. And you’ve lasted longer than most.

It all started with my original dining table. It was factory finish Cherry and from a well-known furniture store. But I got bored, dragged it into the garage, took the power sander to it. Some paint. And voilà!

Then I sold it to a young couple who had just gotten their first home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. They loved it…

Then came more tables, more chairs & dining sets…

And I think I missed a couple of tables. There was a solid maple drop leaf.

And my ‘spare.’ After realizing that I can’t do without a dining table, (Or the picnics on the floor…) I borrowed a table that a friend doesn’t use. That way, I’m never without a table.

Which means the Trestle Table is #8 and I’ll be looking for #9.

Many people have extra clothing, shoes, or a spare cooler to fill with beverages at parties. Probably, I’m one of the few who keeps a spare dining room set around.

We used some of the tables in their orignal woods…from light oak to very dark woods. Some came with painted legs. All were in rough shape, which is why I broke out the paint. (And the wood filler, power sanders, etc.)

I’m a huge fan of original wood. But when I can’t save the wood, I’ve got to get creative. And I’ve found paint to be effective in creating unique, one-of-a-kind tables, chairs and dining sets.

After about 2 months of looking at the Trestle Table, I’ve itched for a change. That table was actually on my nerves.

I guess my children and dogs should be glad I don’t shove them out the front door…

I’ve got to admit, I’m getting a little excited. I’m off to an estate sale in search of #9. Kind of looking forward to a new look in the dining room. We’ll see what I come up with.

So long Trestle Table.

Hello…whatever strikes my fancy!

Note to J. Graham: Yes I do think its time a wrote the ‘table book’ you tease me about…

2 thoughts on “The Hunt for #7, or is it #8?

    • It has been suggested I get a part-time job at Home Depot. #1 Because there might be a discount on tools and supplies I buy to refinish things. #2 Because “think about who shops at home depot.” Men who like tools, projects, contracters? I need a man who has lots of power tools, truck(s), who doesn’t mind a parade of ‘projects’ in and out of the garage, or a girl who sometimes looks like she did the backstroke in a pool of sawdust. If I was ordering this Paragon of a man, he would have an actual workshop…this is becoming another blog…

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