What Was I Thinking ???

It’s Friday….

And Friday is my day off work. I still work, but often at home and at a more relaxed pace.

Because the day was gorgeous, a walk on the beach with The Little Black Dog seemed the Perfect way to get my morning started.

I was not disappointed by the scenery. It was just beautiful…

And I found some really great rocks and sea glass. A big chunk of cornflower blue, a pale blue marble and even another sea glass heart. (It’s white and on the black stone.) I have quite a few glass hearts from the beach…

Much nicer than the stone I found on the beach a few weeks ago…

There were those who told me it was a sign. For what, I’m not sure. That’s another story…

After our walk, Grace and I got in the car to head home. That’s when I noticed something stunk! Horribly.

That something was The Little Black Dog.

Yet again, Grace Dog was NOT Gracious!! She rolled in something foul…

I had this lovely plan to go home, take a shower, straighten the house, do some errands and stop into my other office in Willoughby. The one just down the street from my day job.

Instead I had to drag The Little Black Dog into the shower. And she does NOT enter the bathroom. Because she does NOT like showers. I have to pick her up. And she sprawls her four legs on the door frame, so that I can hardly get her in there.

When I do, I quickly shut the bathroom door, so she can’t escape. Showering Grace is like showering a cat. And this is a dog who swims in the lake most every day!

While I had The Little Black Dog locked in the bathroom, The Red Dog stood on the other side of the bathroom door barking his as@ off. For 10 solid minutes. He didn’t want me to bother his ‘sister.’ Knew she wasn’t happy.

After I got Grace Dog washed up, I had to disinfect the bathroom…and mop up the water sprinkles around the house. She shook off EVERYWHERE.

There are still towels to be washed. I also have to wipe down the backseat of my car with leather cleaner, just to make sure it is clean.

And so the day has gotten away from me. Again.

The Little Black Dog is exhausted. Curled up in a little ball, sound asleep on the couch.

I’m still trying to pull myself together for the day. Except a good chunk of it is gone. And I’m sort of tired, too. Wondering if there is any good reason to get myself prettied up to sit in the bleachers at my sons football game in the rain. (It’s supposed to rain tonight.)

At least I got an hour of peace and solitude with my walk on the beach.

With no rain. And lots of glorious sunshine, fall leaves, calm water…

I suppose there is a price to be paid for that.


4 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking ???

  1. Awww dogs! Never a dull moment. Remember when Sam poohed in your car and Katie was in her car seat in the back with her telling you something smells!

    • I had completely forgotten about that!! Maybe that’s when Katie started getting ‘bothered’ by gross smells. She was trapped in the backseat of my compact car in her carseat with a crapping dog…that could do it!!

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