Candy Corn vs. Cough Drops


Just last week, I filled our candy dish with those orange, yellow and white “Candy Corn” things.

And yes, they are gross. Nobody likes the way they taste. But they look festive at this time of year, so everybody buys them.

I’ll never forget when my children were little. I filled the candy dish with Candy Corn. And it emptied out faster than I could buy the stuff. Thinking the kids LOVED Candy Corn, I kept buying more…

This went on for a couple of weeks. Until I mentioned that I couldn’t keep up. And the kids said they hadn’t eaten ANY of the gross Candy Corn. Nor had anybody else. (We checked around.)

Turned out Zeus, our German Shepherd dog, was hitting the candy dish. Hard.

And apparently when nobody was looking…

He was our last smart dog. The dogs we’ve had since have all been nice and (thankfully) fun, because they’ve all been rather odd.

But then, consider our family …

Darling Daughter: Grace…are you excited to meet Otis?

Me: Huh?

Darling Daughter: Otis the German Shepherd. He’s gonna be your brother.

Me: WHAT? We have TWO DOGS already!!! They don’t need a brother.

Daughter laughed. And continued to converse with Gracie Dog…

Me: Is there a dog named Otis that needs a home?

Dear God, I hope not…is what I was really thinking. Because I’m weak when it comes to family pets.

Darling Daughter: No. But I really, really want a German Shepard dog again. And when we get one, his name is gonna be Otis. And if Gracie is still around, he’ll be her brother.

Talk of more dogs makes me nervous, because I lack common sense and am easily swayed when it comes to dogs. I’m trying to feed and shelter the dogs and kids I’ve got!! My kids know of this weakness.

Me: Son, has Katie mentioned getting a German Shepherd and naming it Otis?

Son: No. But I really want a German Shepherd. The _______ family (I will leave out their name) has TWO German Shepherds.

Me: Okay.

Son: I want another German Shepherd. No….I actually want a Siberian Husky.

Me: But they aren’t very smart. Or rather, they’re stubborn. And difficult to train…

Son: So, I want one when I’m older.

Probably, our dogs have not lacked intelligence. It’s more that the kids have gotten busier with school, sports, activities and their social lives. I’m a working single parent. With a house to maintain, dinner to cook and kids stuff to attend. Not to mention MY social life…

And so I think I’m the problem. I don’t have time to train our dogs. It isn’t  that we keep getting stupid dogs. And really, we keep ‘rescuing’ them. We don’t actually set out to GET a dog. I’m the fool who says ‘yes.’

At least our current dogs didn’t eat the Candy Corn last week. Teenagers did–And I saw them.

Anyways, the nasty Candy Corn was gone when I got sick.

Cold. Cough. Fever. Had to bundle up and sit outside at soccer and football games anyway. If it was socially acceptable to lay down on the bleachers with my blanket, I would have done so. (To be honest, I came close…)

So, it only made sense to dump a bag of Halls Cough Drops into the empty candy dish.

They taste as crappy as Candy Corn and are far more useful now.

Candy Dish Note:  It’s beautiful vintage/antique carnival glass, inherited from my grandfather. More specifically; an iridescent, Imperial Glass, star medallion berry bowl. (Yes, I’m a nerd.) And yes, I have quite a few pieces of his old glass, because I love shiny objects. And I’m a believer in using things, appreciating them–not packing them away. And I’d like to think my grandfather would be happy we enjoy the treasures he collected in his lifetime. Plus, he LIKED dogs. He would be okay with dogs stealing from the candy dish…

6 thoughts on “Candy Corn vs. Cough Drops

  1. I love those darn candy corns too. Zeus was so damn smart and special. Makes me smile thinking of him. He was so good at hiding when you were leaving and he wanted to spend the night. What a dog! Remember when Tony would call him and he would come racing over to you. Every time! Priceless memories of Zeus .

  2. I loved Zeus, too. As did the kids. That is why they have started on me for another German Shepherd Dog. And way my girl has already named him Otis…she has already gotten started on breaking me down!!

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