Happy (42nd) Birthday to me…

Today is my birthday. I actually started getting gifts toward the end of last week. I’ve got some extra cash, cupcakes, a massage, a pedicure. And from daughter, my favorite perfume. And a man?

Daughter went shopping over the weekend.

She made sure to wrap my gifts up pretty–fake yellow flower, duct tape, construction paper…

Me: I know you went to Victoria’s secret. Just hoping you didn’t get me a thong.

Daughter: (laughed) I actually listened to a sales lady tell somebody about underwear with a lace back. See through. That apparently make your butt look big.

Me: Who wants their butt to look BIGGER?

Daughter: Everybody.

Me: Not me. My butt is already BIG. Why would I want it to appear BIGGER?

Daughter: (exasperated) Not BIG like that…but PERKY.

Me: Now PERKY, yes! If they had underwear to work that miracle, to round things out back there, I’d be first in line. Stocking up.

We had this conversation as we got ready to head over to Aunt Kate’s for dinner and cupcakes for my birthday.

We were hardly in the door at Aunt Kate’s, when Daughter wanted me to open her gifts to me. Made me nervous, because she seemed to be having a whole lot of fun with the idea of my opening them.

First, I opened the card, which was a sheet of computer paper folded up. It was NOT anything I would find in the Hallmark Store. Yet the sentiment expressed was so sweet, it nearly made me cry.

Then came a new bottle of Happy perfume by Clinique. My favorite! And I’ve been out for a month. So far, so good.

There’s something about Happy, the smell is fresh and flowery—but not old lady floral.

But it isn’t just the smell; it’s more the overall concept. The name. The bright orange box with shiny silver Clinique and crisp white Happy on it. Simple. Clean. Nothing fussy about it. And it’s impossible to anything but Happy, when wearing Happy perfume…

Daughter: Now you will smell good…

Me: Thank you so much!! I have missed my perfume…

Lastly, she gave me a MAN.

To be exact, an old Bratz doll.

Daughter: Now you have a MAN…somebody to appreciate that you smell nice.

Me: Again. Thank you Daughter.

Daughter:  He will listen to you. He has dark hair, which you like. Rock hard abs. AND he won’t leave you.

Me: Really. THANK YOU Daughter. I do LOVE you.

Daughter: He’s Perfect.


Daughter is quite the gift giver. Words of love for her mother on computer paper, black ink and pink highlighter. A bottle of my favorite perfume, because she actually noticed I was out. Purchased with her own money–because she worked all summer.

Then teasing me with the MAN doll.

Not quite sure where she gets her sense of humor…

Her only miscalculation?

My birthday is October 1st.

Daughter’s birthday is October 5th. Which is Friday. She might have saved her teasing until AFTER her birthday passed.  Instead, she gave me several days to come up with something really SPECIAL for her 18th birthday.

You know what they say about paybacks.

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