Friday Night = High School Football Night

At least in the small town I live in.

Aunt Kate is back in town. Living in Cleveland again. And Aunt Kate loves football. Pro football. College football. And now high school football, with Son playing.

My Father, who played both high school and college sports, loves football too. Especially watching his grandson play.

So we assembled in the bleachers last Friday night for the football game.

About halfway through…

Aunt Kate: Think there’s anywhere around here I can smoke?

Me: Maybe out in the parking lot? Outside of the stadium gates?

We pondered this for a moment…

And it WAS halftime.

So Father, Aunt Kate and I headed for the bathrooms, snack bar and the stadium entrance. We wandered in our typical half-as#ed fashion.

Aunt Kate: Will they let me back in if I go out to the parking lot?

Me: I would think so. Maybe ask?

Because my father couldn’t find his cell phone, he took mine to make a call. Aunt Kate went in another direction. I headed for the bathroom. There was no plan, just to meet back up in the bleachers at some point…

After halftime, we sat back down in our seats:

Aunt Kate: You won’t believe what I did.

Me: Huh?

Aunt Kate: I asked the lady by the gate if there was anywhere I could smoke. And she was SO RUDE!!

Me: Oh?

Aunt Kate did a fine imitation of The Rude Lady. Even waved her arm around in the air, gesturing to the school campus…


Whoa…Aunt Kate had my full attention because few people are ever rude to Aunt Kate—probably because she is always so polite and pleasant. And had the lady said it nicely, Aunt Kate would certainly have fallen in line and been polite back. But no….

Aunt Kate: Then I guess I will just take out MY FAKE CIGARETTE!!

Said Aunt Kate as she reached into her purse, whipped out her electric cigarette, took a drag and blew VAPORS directly AT the Rude Lady—then walked away. Aunt Kate left The Rude Lady standing there, too stunned to speak…

Let the games begin!!

Both the football games.

And the ‘games’ that surround my family. Spilled drinks. Lost cell phones and car keys. The whole thing. Put all of us (or some of us) together and there is bound to be adventure. I cannot remember a single outing with my family that has ever been DULL or BORING. Or uneventful.

Not sure if I’m more excited for the football tonight, or being in the bleachers with the family…

5 thoughts on “Friday Night = High School Football Night

  1. Aunt Kate wants a copy of that picture, really bad. I love it. I need it as soon as possible kind of like a cigarette hee ha

  2. Like last night going down thw wrong side of the road,I thought it was a 2way exit! Oops wrong again. Was impressed with my rather agile driving skills to avoid the collision! You’re right…Even the dullest journeys turn into something adventurous, because none of us are playing with a full deck!

  3. No we are not!! And yes, your skill behind the wheel last night was the stuff of legend. Maybe I got my catlike reflexes from you? Narrowly avoiding a head on collision…

    Weren’t you the one who drove the car down a road with one tire on either side of a cement thingy in the road? Going the wrong way?

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