What’s for Lunch Today?

It’s a beautiful thing.

Daughter has taken to cooking this past year. Not only does she make her own meals. She makes mine. (And her brothers)

Or at least offers to make enough for all of us.

Yesterdays lunch…


Fresh spinach, strawberries and pecans. Dried cranberries and golden raisins. A hint of vinaigrette dressing. Perfect.

Daughter is making homemade, creamy asparagus soup this evening. We got fresh asparagus at the farmers market yesterday. Somebody will probably throw a salad together.

And I’m making a lemon icebox pie. Found the recipe in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. (Aug 2012) It’s made with a 32 oz tub of vanilla greek yogurt and graham cracker crust. We’ll see how it turns out…

The best part of Daughters newfound hobby?

She makes the grocery lists and plans the menus, with Son and my input. Both kids often grocery shop with me. They load the cart, bag the food and help put it away. They also wash the fruit, lettuce, etc.

I know teenagers are supposed to be awful. But so far, I’ve enjoyed most every minute of raising them. I LOVE the teenage years.

The only bad part?

My grocery bill has increased some. Okay, A LOT.  

A small price to pay for spending time with the kids. Time with them I wouldn’t have if I was in charge of ALL the food planning for the family.

Plus, its fun. Fun to shop with them. To cook with them. Even if they pull up a bar stool to chat with me while I cook, or vice versa. We’ve always sat down to dinner together, but now we often ‘hang out’ while somebody is cooking.

Lets face it, teenagers are busy. Too busy to be around that much.

And I’m busy. Working, (single) parenting, maintaining our home, paying bills and making time to have a social life. Then there’s the dogs…

If we didn’t spend time together doing mundane tasks, we’d spend far less time together. And the more I turn over to the kids, the more responsible they become. I’m confident they can figure things out–And they always do. Maybe not the way I would have done it. But what does it matter, so long as the task gets done?

Both kids tend to do their own laundry, empty the dishwasher, cook when they are hungry. Son rides his bike to work out, to friends houses. They are slowly evolving into adults. And I’m happy to let them…

Instead of being sad they are growing up, I’m embracing it. If I continued to do everything for them, I suppose I would have control. I’d hold all the cards.

There would be no mad dash for towels to wave at the smoke detectors when the latest ‘culinary experiment’ failed. Just last weekend, we opened windows. Doors. Waved towels. The Little Black Neurotic Dog howled like a banshee. (She howls at sirens) The Red Dog ran in circles. He wanted to hide, but didn’t know where to bury his head.

It was chaos for a few minutes. Then Daughter and I pulled a meal together from the mess. Son closed the windows. Dogs settled down. And we sat down to dinner…

All this talk of food has me wondering whats for lunch today?

If somebody is kind enough to make lunch, I‘ll happily do the dishes.

There’s just one small problem. I sold the dining table. Again.

Technically, we don’t have a place to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner today.

But I’m sure I’ll find another dining table soon…

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  1. I take it a club bologna sandwich on Orlando bread with a hint of mustard and side of corn curls is not on any menus! Ha-ha

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