I think I could be Ann Curry …

I could cope with being Ann Curry right now.

Truly. I would be just fine with a 10 million dollar Golden Parachute. And just for leaving a job? Not a problem. And wouldn’t feel like a failure, either.

Of course, I don’t actually have a ‘real’ job…

But I know I could tolerate writing a check for my Little White Ranch House and an inexpensive vehicle or two. My saintly Landlady (who is only a Landlady due to the difficult real estate market) would be fine with my writing that check, too. I’m sure of it. And my children would welcome my writing checks for their college educations.

Wouldn’t be too draining to deal with investing most of the money. After all, I hold a BA Degree in Business. Finance, actually. Probably, I could manage 10 million dollars well enough to be set for life. Mainly because I dream of a fairly simple life.

On a serious note, I do realize that managing a large sum of money does take skill, effort, time and intelligence. (As shown by so many who piss large sums of money away.)

Mind you, these are the ramblings of a Regular Girl. And I’m sure my perspective is colored by the ‘economics’ of my current situation. Let’s just say my financials could be better. And leave it there…

Back to Ann Curry…

Smart, beautiful, educated and classy. There are many professional women out there. Yet she stands apart for her warmth, compassion and her skill in handling difficult stories. She is genuine. And if that isn’t enough, she is a great sport. Her sense of humor and spirit of adventure resonate with viewers. As a television personality and journalist, Ann Curry has been successful beyond what Regular Girls (like me) can only dream of.

No shame in getting the boot from The Today Show.

It’s an opportunity few have had. And I’m not so sure it was her. She is certainly talented and charismatic.

Probably, she was too good in her previous role–before co-anchoring The Today Show this past year. I think maybe her audience got comfortable seeing her cover world events, zip line through forests and conduct interviews in war zones.

Much the same as those in popular sitcoms often can’t escape a character.

She will likely be better off for this turn of events. Makes her personal story more compelling.

I can’t help but be reminded of a favorite quote. One that always helps me feel better. Or remain delusional?

 When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us     ~Helen Keller

Failure makes us root for a person. And those who handle failure graciously are often respected more. Viewers will look for her. Follow her new career. Will tune in to see what comes next for Ann Curry.

I know I will.

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