Thank you Kym McVicker-Brewster for making me think this morning…

Before I logged onto the computer, my brain was empty of ANY profound thoughts.

I was lounging outside, soaking up this gorgeous day, watching my dogs roll around in the grass and play with each other.

Then I decided to check my emails, my blog, my eBay store and Facebook. Just to make sure there wasn’t anything that needed my attention.

Which was when I came across your status:

As I look at the person staring back at me from my mirror, I wonder; for all the things that have been accomplished, for all the hardships that have been risen above, for all the joy and happiness brought to others, for all the good that has been done and for all the compassion and empathy shown to others, am I only as good as, and should my entire character be judged and defined by the WORST thing I have ever done?      ~Kym McVicker-Brewster


A little deep for a Saturday morning.

And just as I was going to drag a brush through my hair, apply lip gloss and run a few errands. Walk my dogs. Then maybe a have a little afternoon nap before meeting up with a friend later tonight.

NOW I am thinking.

Worse yet, I am thinking about the WORST of me. (Never pretty when any of us do that!) And whether the dumbest, WORST things I have done cancel out the many GOOD things I have done?

Certainly, I wish that I had not dropped the F-bomb outside of the church with ‘Father’ standing 10 feet behind me. Not a shining moment for me.

Here’s the link for those who want the full (humiliating) story:

And by the way, Kym noted that this thought was not specifically related to anything in her life. Just a thought. Or a ‘rhetorical’ question. And it isn’t specifically related to anything in my life either.

But it did get my juices flowing. Got me thinking…

God help us all when I do that.

We are all unique. A mix of good, bad, quirky, stupid, brilliant, well-intentioned (if poorly executed) plans. We have our stellar qualities. And the qualities that we (and sometimes others) could do without. We all face challenges, succeed, fail miserably…and make plenty of mistakes.

Because nobody is Perfect, it is probably easier if we toss away the yardsticks. Both for measuring ourselves and others.

In that vein, I am off to get a donut and a Diet Coke. I’ll be skipping the errands for now, in favor of spending some time outdoors…(with my dogs, daughter, Diet Coke and donut)

Having gotten off track, why get ON TRACK now?


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