So Much For My New Job …

Sadly, it was my most short lived job ever. Not that my resume is long on ‘real’ jobs…

I can now add getting FIRED to my list of life experience.

(That was the term used by a ‘helpful’ person who I used to hang around with some. Which might explain why I USED to hang around that person…)

I could soften the blow and say I was LET GO. Or I could go British with made ‘Redundant.’

Definition of Redundant: Exceeding what is necessary. More simply…not needed.

Which is really the case…

It  was a small family business. They were sort of in the middle of reorganizing when they hired me. Trying to figure out their next move.  And as they did so, it didn’t make much sense to pay me to do work they could absorb amongst themselves—if they each put in a few more hours a day.

And I have no regrets. They were really nice people. Who might have been too quick to hire me, given their business model. And this was the best business decision for them.

But it leaves me Redundant.

Not necessary.

Which I have been before. That is how I ended up divorced.

Other things I am (at least by definition) …


Unless we count my eBay store, which has been doing quite well recently. Except last week when I didn’t have time for it on account of the job I USED to have.


Of two teenagers. Which a lot of people would see as a negative. They say teenagers are difficult.  So far, I disagree. And I wake up EVERY day feeling lucky that I have these two wonderful children in my life. Really, there are no words for what they mean to me. Even more lucky, I have a tight knit group of family and friends who will always love me. And who I will always love dearly.


Not really a negative. I find myself not wanting to have my newfound ‘wings’ clipped at this time. I am kind of relishing in the opportunity to go out and have fun, to laugh with friends, to date, to explore my options. To be ‘me’ for a while… (Someday, there will be a fella who changes my mind—but for now I am happy and content.)


Or at least of meager means just now. Which is somewhat stressful. Will be more so when I clear my bank account to pay my bills this week. But at the same time, I KNOW in my gut that it is temporary. I have been through financial highs and lows. As we all have. As my wise uncle said to me not too long ago –It’s all about PERSEVERENCE now.  And so I will do my best to meet my financial obligations, pull the weeds and get my landscaping beds ready for spring. (While I have time) Make sure my house is organized and neat as a pin. So that when opportunity for financial gain comes my way, I am ready to embrace it.


I was just about to get rid of my old ‘trusty’ Honda. And believe it or not, I was struggling with my decision. I was actually having a hard time letting my old car go. The downside? It needs a good bit of work. It is scheduled for major ‘surgery’ next Monday. It needs new brake lines, fuel lines and a timing belt (to preserve the engine).  And it isn’t that it is a bad car. Or even that it has broken down. It is just so old that its original parts have rusted out—or WORN out. Maybe that is why I identify with my old car. Because I ‘get’ being solid, if a little worn out…


And thank goodness for Rocky and Grace! Just looking at them makes me smile. Taking them for walks outside each day keeps me sane, too. Not sure what it is about dogs, but they make a house a home. And they make the people in the home more calm, relaxed and joyful, too.




How? I really have no idea. It certainly doesn’t make any sense. Getting ‘canned’ yesterday wasn’t super fun. And yet today I woke full of hope and optimism. Happy. Ready to tackle what comes next…

On paper, things seem a bit dismal.

Redundant, single parent of teens with little money and an old car.

And yet, I can’t help but feel I am moving in the right direction. Defies rational thought, I know. But then I tend to roll in ways that don’t always seem logical.

And so I am off to enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

Doesn’t it sound nicer to say I am going to ‘enjoy’ it?

(Really, it is my only option. It is cheap. And available.)

And then I am off to look at my financial picture for this month…

Looking forward to it. (Not, really.)

Lastly, I will be listing a slew of new items on my eBay store in the coming days. That has been an invaluable tool in supporting myself in the past couple of years. And doing my budget first always helps to motivate me.

I’m not much of a drinker, but I am thinking of stopping somewhere for a drink either Friday or Saturday evening.

Anybody want to join me???

I promise it will be fun, as I have “natural ebullience.” (see my last blog, if that doesn’t make sense…) And I promise to bring it with me…

Fair warning.

You might have to buy me the drink.

10 thoughts on “So Much For My New Job …

  1. parallel lives, we lead. So sorry that the job didn’t work out, but it sounds like it paid less than you’re worth anyway! Keep us posted. I very much enjoy your writing.

  2. Amy, tomorrow is another day, new hopes, new challenges. Hang in there. I have been “eliminated” several times, but here I am at 71 years still working full time as a diligent employee. faithful follower.
    dj hickok

  3. Eliminated? Ooooohhhh….another word for it. Might be my favorite yet!! It’s a tossup between “elimitated” and “fired” at this point. I suppose it gives me something to write about. Because my goal is to be honest–and I wrote about starting the doggone job, I must also write about NOT having a job now.

  4. Thanks Lindsay…Depending on how things go from here, it make take several. I’m wondering if failure is a viable career option???

    And Linds…we will need to come up with a plan. Do you think Mark, or Ter-Ter will spring for the drink(s)??? Obvioulsy we’ll need to bring somebody along for that. Because the best you and I can do is ice water. (Its free.)

  5. Hello there! It’s Easter weekend. Are you allowed to drink on GOOD Friday?
    Haha. I love you. I see more and more of me in your blogs each time. Or maybe I’m rubbing off on you. Either way, you’re a whole generation older (sorry!) than I, and I swear we’re twins.

  6. Punkin…I’m a divorced Catholic. I can probably have a glass of wine, or a drink on GOOD Friday. But I think I won’t tempt fate–and I’ll go with that for my Saturday plan instead. (I have an auction to attend Friday, anyway–will have to tell you the story but I gave Katie a ring, she lost it, I am almost positve it is in a local auction…must get it back–with Katie’s money of course!) And I love you, to. Very much. Maybe we are similar enough that we ‘get’ each other?? Have a safe trip home…

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