Random things I learned this week…

Alarming. Sheetz first thing in the morning.

I sometimes (Okay…often!) go there right before work to get some caffeine by way of Diet Coke. And it never fails that somebody is walking out with a 30 pack of canned beer. At 7:30 am? And NOT good beer. It’s “Genesee Cream Ale”  or something similar. ( i.e. pisswater)  Not that any of my group drank in high school—but if we would have, it would have been something like Genesee…Didn’t know adults drank that stuff. And 30 cans of it? You’d have to be drinking to get drunk. To my way of thinking, a person could get the job done quickly with something better. Shots of vodka? Who could enjoy Genesee?? 30 Cans is a long, slow, painful program….Yuk!

How to flood a kitchen…

Not to make one of my favorite people feel badly. I would NEVER want to do that. But WE learned that putting Dawn in dishwasher, when one cannot find the liquid dishwashing  detergent is a very, very bad idea. At first glance it might appear to be just  bubbles,  pouring out of the dishwasher. “Bubbly WATER” is what it really is. Not sure of the chemical ‘thing’ that makes this happen. The reason WE learned, is because I SHARED in learning the lesson. How? The cleanup of course!! Luckily all it takes is running vinegar through a couple of cycles to kill the bubbles. That fixed  things right up. Also, lucky…we were all standing there watching disaster strike, so no real damage was done. Used a heap of clean towels to mop it up. And the upside? My kitchen floor is cleaner than it has been in months!

I have natural ebullience…

Did I spell that right? Anyways, it went something like this:

Friend: You have this natural ebullience about you.

Me: Huh??

Friend: You know…positive energy. You are so happy that you radiate it and people are drawn to you because of it.

Me: Oh. Okay.

Ebullience (Mirriam Webster Definition): The quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings. Zestful enthusiasm.

I’ve been called worse. (But only by one or two people…) And it is nice to think people might enjoy my presence. Instead of tolerating me like a bitter pill.

When looking for a new vehicle, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find the ones I actually want!!!

Sadly, I have been looking to replace my Trusty Honda. Though it has been a wonderful car, it is time for me to move on. To something with a little more room. I cannot face another Road Trip to Virginia, or Hilton Head crammed into a rather small car. (with 217,000 miles on it)  I have been looking. And looking. And nothing. This will be a used vehicle…minivan, small SUV or something. Don’t much care WHAT it is, as long as it has a little more room, airbags, solid construction, good safety ratings and is in good repair. A pretty color wouldn’t hurt, but I’m not all that picky. This vehicle will carry dogs, smelly boys after football practice, groups of girls and their muddy soccer cleats, etc. It will also transport sand, dirt and snow. But ANYTHING I am looking for is NOWHERE to be found. But there are tons and tons of cars, vans and SUV’s that I DON’T want!

So those are a few small tidbits from this week…

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. And I hope I find something to wear, because I am writing this instead of getting ready. I am supposed to walk out my door in less than 30 minutes….

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