What’s Been Keeping Me Busy Lately?

I have been working on my list of projects…

It never makes sense to throw paint around or buy new furniture in the months before Christmas, or over the New Year’s holiday. Too much going on with the festivities.

But I always get my house in order at this time of year, before the warm weather arrives. We only have a few months of it and I try to enjoy them.

So I painted my son’s room. Not because it needed painted. Just to do a little something different. My kids are used to me changing things up. We keep the basics…the pictures, books, family photos and such. But often freshen up the paint color and accessories. For no good reason, really. It’s just fun for the kids…

Here’s the before (Right) Old furniture painted white and dark, barn red walls…A perfectly good room. But it has looked the same for nearly 3 years. An eternity for my children.

And so I found a new bed frame at an auction for $8. And was given a mid-century, solid wood, Johnson Carper dresser by a friend. Then I hung a retro mirror that I bought at an auction for $2. Same room. Same accessories. $10, plus a can of paint. (I have a paint store at my house–mostly all given to me by others…)

The result:

Then there’s our dining room that is (again) getting a facelift.

Because I sold our dining room set. Then bought a new set. Painted it spicy red on a whim, during that awful snowstorm several weeks back. Then sold it two weeks ago.

I change the rooms in my houses  like other people change their socks and underwear.

Me: Where are you taking that blanket?

Darling Daughter: It’s mine

Me: I’m finishing up dinner. Why are you washing grapes?

Darling Daughter: I want grapes at my picnic.

Me: I HATE grapes.

Darling Daughter: I love grapes.

Me: Wait…WHAT picnic?

I guess that’s what happens when there is NO dining room table. We picnic.

Guess who else likes grapes?

The Red Dog, of course. He ate the grapes Darling Daughter tossed at him. AND the ones The Little Black Dog spit out on the ground…

Then the garage and basement storage rooms got cleaned out. Several small tables changed color. As did a few chairs. I painted a dresser, or two. Refinished another. The usual.

I also made a really pretty chalkboard that was donated to a nearby community’s PTA auction. I had a large mid-century frame. Gave it a fresh coat of paint, roughed it up a little to let the yellow show through. Then sealed it with a spray acrylic. I attached birch plywood that I painted with chalkboard paint. Loved it so much I didn’t want to give it away. It looked lovely after I wrapped a big ribbon around it and put a cute little Green Door tag on it.

But I had to give it away because I committed to the donation…

I did use some of my leftover materials to make a couple of smaller chalkboards for our house. They are okay, but I’m sill looking for a large vintage frame like the one pictured above, so that I can create something like the one that is now hanging in somebody elses house.

Luckily, it won’t take me long to move on.

There is a dining room table somewhere out there looking for me. My budget for the dining room? There isn’t one. Lately I’ve thought of the ways I could make a table out of a century home door that has been in my garage since last summer…

I have a white picket fence to finish. Children to raise. A blog to write. Bills to pay. Dogs that need walked. An eBay store in the middle of an overhaul. A house to clean. I’m searching for a bedroom set for one friend, a dining room set and other odds and ends for another friend–and trying to figure out how to market and sell some items for several others.

AND…I’m still looking for a job.

On the bright side?

When I find this elusive job, my house will be so fantastically Perfect and organized that I may not need to do much besides mop floors and vacuum for years.

Which is good, because I will probably have little time for more than that.

And I certainly won’t mind that at all!!

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