Parents Reaching Hand ~ There’s a new Group in Town…

Last week, I went outside of my normal, lighthearted blogging topics and wrote about the recent events at Chardon High School. And many people read it, called me, emailed me, etc.

At the end I alluded to something being in the works. And I wanted to update readers who might be interested in participating.

After this post, I will head back to my more typical blogging.

But today, I’m letting you know that there is a new ‘Group’ in town.

Just some local ladies who love our children, our friends and our community. Who are brokenhearted for Chardon…

In an effort to do something, Parents Reaching Hand has been formed.

The initials PRH were used because they stand for Parmertor, Russell and Hewling.

The idea is that we–as parents, school and a community–find ways to help the school keep our children safe. We plan to gain a better understanding of school procedure/guidelines.

Because if we know what our schools are doing/can do, then we can fill in to help and support them. Possibly by hosting community events, finding guest speakers to address our students, having former graduates talk with students and more. Many ideas have been tossed around.

As a community, the best way to protect our children is NOT to insulate them in a “Perry Bubble.” We need to work together on this. And with other communities. To communicate with each other. We all inhabit this ‘place’ together, no matter what city we live in.

It isn’t just about MY kid—it’s about ALL of the kids.

Even when our children graduate, there is another crop of children going through school. And even if we move OUT of Perry, we will be moving INTO another community. There is no running away…Most communities are built around school systems.

To keep everything organized and to establish open communication in what we are trying to accomplish, there is now a Perry Reaching Hands Facebook Page. The idea is to reach out and help students collectively with our school system. Please take a look. And bear with us as we get things going…This is just the start.

Most important? This is a FRIENDLY mission to help our children, teachers, schools and community. We will be working with our school system. We will NOT be bashing or criticizing anybody. This is a positive forum, for those who wish to be part of finding solutions.

I am proud to be a part of this effort. To see what can be done if we put our heads (and hearts) together.

Later this week, I return to my regular posts…I promise!!

In the meantime, please take a look at Parent Reaching Hands on Facebook…

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