The Night Before Valentine’s Day…(At Wal-Mart)

I stopped at Wal-Mart earlier tonight for a few things.

And noticed that a crush of men (many with small children) dashed to their cars. One harried father tried to corral FOUR kids in the parking lot. I stopped to let them scamper past. Seemed safer that way.

Then I parked my car and headed for the entrance. And noticed MORE men (and MORE small children) rushed INTO Wal-Mart. It finally dawned on me.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!!

I am single now and only marginally aware of Valentine’s Day. As usual, I filled the candy dish with silly little pastel candy hearts with “I love you” and “be mine” on them. They were short-lived, because my son polished off a couple of bags quickly.

The relatives sent my kids cards and I got strawberries, bagels and a bit of candy for breakfast tomorrow morning. But mostly, this Hallmark Holiday has been off of my radar.

Until I hit Wal-Mart at 7pm on St. Valentine’s Eve. The store was packed with those trying NOT to screw up. Children cried, people rushed about, cashiers looked droopy.

As I checked out, I said as much.

Me: It’s crazy in here tonight.

Cashier: I KNOW. Has been all evening…

We chatted as I paid. And I walked back to my car thinking how silly it seemed.

Does it really matter what a person buys for another? If there is somebody special in your life, isn’t that enough? Something to be grateful for? I always felt it was…

Then again, I am single. So I’m probably not an expert on relationships.

Back when I was married, my then husband always marked the day somehow. He never had specific patterns, but he often brought me flowers, some type of candy (always a winner), a card or something I enjoyed. And I did the same for him.

Even the fella I dated briefly after my divorce did just fine. He got me my favorite color roses. And I never TOLD him what my favorite color was. He probably has no idea what the he#% he bought me back then, but I appreciated the sentiment at the time.

Which brings me to my point.

Men often stress over Valentine’s Day. But really, they cannot mess up. Women typically appreciate any small gesture or kindness. They just want to know somebody has thought about them.

And really, if people genuinely care for each other, one day won’t make (or break) a relationship—nor will a gift.

What really annoys me now that I am on my own?

The stereotype of single women who are desperately unhappy to be alone on Valentine’s Day.

The reality?

Many women probably don’t mind all that much. I am just fine with being single—EVEN on Valentine’s Day. My life is far from Perfect, but it is mostly a really good life and I am quite happy. I had my fair share of wonderful Valentine’s Day celebrations. This is simply my time to be on my own.

There might be somebody special in my life down the road. And if there is, I’ll appreciate him. And if that doesn’t happen, I will enjoy the many other things that life has to offer.

If I was being real—and I do tend to say what I think—there are things about being part of a couple that I miss. Having somebody to curl up with on the couch in the evenings. To kiss goodnight before we drop off to sleep. A ‘husband’ or partner to talk to when I am scared, or need help.

I can honestly say I won’t miss a bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day. But then, I don’t like red roses. Too cliché…

Of course, all of that is my opinion. And I’m divorced.

Which means I’m not exactly an authority on successful relationships.

Maybe the fellas who read this (if there are any) should disregard my thoughts–And get to the store…

As for me? Not to worry. I’ll be at my favorite nail salon with my tootsies soaking in hot, bubbly water. I think a pedicure will be my Valentine’s Day gift to myself.

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  1. I would much rather know I am loved and thought of everyday, than on just one, Great job Fraggle. I agree wholeheartedly. Btw, if you ever get scared for need help, you can borrow my fella. See you Saturday!! xo

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