Tis The Season…

Forgive me for being absent to the blog scene lately, but my computer was on the fritz.

Thank goodness I have a working computer again. Not having one was making me crazy. (Or at least crazier than I already am!)

Hurrah! I am back to blogging during this ‘wonderful’ time of the year.

I know it is a ‘wonderful’ time of the year, because everybody SAYS it is.

The (unavoidable) Christmas music says so, too. The Christmas music that blares through the parking lot when I am getting gas, that plays in EVERY retail establishment and is the ONLY option on many radio stations.

I might seem a bit of a Scrooge. Really, I am quite the opposite.

It has just been an eventful couple of weeks. And by eventful, I mean financially challenging.

Last week, our puppy ate something that severely upset her stomach. What? We have no idea. But we do know she barfed several times, before finally hurling up a puddle of blood. Which sent me scurrying to the Emergency Vet, where The Little Black Dog had a doggie sleepover.  Luckily, Gracie Dog is just fine. She is romping about in the normal fashion, except it cost $800 to fix her up.

Like…Merry Christmas children. Your dog ISN’T dead.

Picking Gracie Dog up from her doggie sleepover went something like this:

Me: Do you have any idea WHAT she ate that made her so sick?

Nice Man at the Vet: Nope. When you have dogs, it’s always an adventure…

Me: An expensive adventure.

We shared a chuckle, but I wasn’t laughing on the inside.

Nice Man at the Vet: Might want to take her out on a leash, to make sure she doesn’t eat any more of ‘it’ outside.

Me: I will, because I am a wreck that she will eat more of whatever ‘it’ was.

Also, it would be rough to drop $800 and STILL have a dead dog.

Later in the day:

Son: We’re getting a dog for Christmas…

Me: Huh?

I was just stunned for a moment. I mean…didn’t I just pay good money to SAVE one of our dogs?

Son: Yeah. A little Lab-German Shepherd-Pit Bull Mix…You know, Gracie Dog.

Took a minute for his joke to sink in.

We are referring to the incident as Gracie’s $800 ‘snack.’ Worse? It was (and remains) a ‘mystery snack.’

And if that didn’t blow the Christmas budget, my Trusty Honda (since early this week) is driving like a Race Car. Loud as sh#%. It needs a new exhaust system. Because it is an old Honda, the exhaust is original and rusted out. Another $800…possibly $1000.

I have stopped driving it, because it actually vibrates at higher rates of speed. Though that might be a case for NOT fixing it? Could give new meaning to the term Joy Ride…

And yet, it is worth fixing our old Trusty Honda because I paid cash for it. Meaning there is no car payment. And it is a solid vehicle…just old and needing some of its parts replaced. I can identify…

Merry Christmas children. When I fix the car, we can hit the stores to listen to Christmas music and look at all the ‘wonderful’ things that $1600 to $1800 COULD have bought.

iPads, iPods, Laptops, a heap of new clothing…

Instead, I’ll be fixing the heap of a car in our driveway.

The crazy thing?

My children are taking it in stride. They don’t even seem to care. They have never given me a long lists of ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’ Though they appreciate nice things, they aren’t at all materialistic. They have always been content with whatever lands under the Christmas tree. (And some years are better than others!)

A lucky thing. Because this year, there may be little under the tree, unless I win the lottery. A long shot, since I almost never buy lottery tickets.

Yet, we’ll have a ‘wonderful’ Christmas Day.

We’ll have brunch, visit with family and friends, share some laughs and maybe go sled riding with the dogs if there is snow. The most important thing is that we will be together. That is what makes the season ‘wonderful’ anyway.

For a little EXTRA Christmas fun, try this….

The 13 Second Test: The only RULE is that you must say the first things that come to mind within the allotted seconds. Just “think fast!”

PART I:  You have TEN SECONDS. Name 3 GIFTS you received last year for Christmas.

PART II:  You have THREE SECONDS. WHO did you spend the holiday with? Your best memory?

Years ago, we played a similar game for ‘sport’ during a holiday with the family. It started with a simple conversation. Turned out the kids didn’t remember the expensive gifts, or the items that their parents stood in line at all hours of the day and night to get. Give it a go with yourself, your family and friends and let me know how it goes…

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  1. I just happen to know a guy named Walter that might be able to help you fix the Honda for less than what you are talking about. If you are interested, you know how to get a hold of me.

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