Candy Fundraisers: Do you eat the candy? Or sell it?

There is a debate going on in our household…

Katie: We’re not making any money from this fundraiser.

Me: The school isn’t making money?

Katie: No. WE, as in our family, aren’t making any money towards my trip. We’re just buying the candy we’re eating.

Me: Everybody eats the candy.

Katie: No. They sell it.

Me: I really think other families eat the candy…

Katie: We eat the candy. Other kids SELL the candy.

Back when my brother and I were children, he sold candy bars to support his Little League Baseball Team. Every summer. That was back in the day where there was NO choice. No option NOT to take part. Little League sold candy bars. So my brother sold candy bars.

My parents cringed when they picked my brother up from practice and he was carrying those boxes of candy bars. They understood that they were sort of ‘snacks.’

Our entire neighborhood played little league. Which meant, we were just buying each others candy bars to be ‘nice.’ Either that, or eating them.

We grabbed one here and there. At some point, it was time to turn in the money and I went door-to-door, selling what was left of the candy. At least to recoup some money, so that my Dad didn’t have to pay for ALL of the candy. My brother wasn’t into selling candy bars, so he begged me to sell them–And I always did.

Back to our house last week as the kids were getting ready for school…

Katie: I am missing 2 Kit Kits and 2 Reese’s cups!! And I ate a Hershey’s bar.

Yes. She inventoried contents of her box of candy. She is organized like that. 

Me: I ate a Reese’s Cup.

Nick strolled out of the bathroom with his toothbrush shoved in his mouth. He made eye contact with us, held three fingers in the air and shuffled back into the bathroom.

Katie: Come on!!

I handed her the cash to cover it.

Which begs the question.

Are we the only family eating the candy?  

5 thoughts on “Candy Fundraisers: Do you eat the candy? Or sell it?

  1. This is too funny.. I’m with you. We eat the candy too. Sell some but eat more than we sell I’m sure. Truly that does mean that our familes are not making any money on them. It would have been easier to just pay more for the trip. But its tastier to eat the candy.

  2. Amy, you are definitely not alone with this. We used to eat the candy, now I take the kids to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Concord and make them sell it there. Usually they sell all of it so the temptation for us is gone!

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