One of My Most Shameful Moments…

A couple of weeks ago, a person I had known fairly well came unglued and it reminded me of my own (far) less than Perfect moment. A true story, this happened a few years back.

Often, we are quick to condemn each other when we find ourselves at the end of our rope. But I couldn’t, because I have been there. We all have…

I am about to share one of my most shameful moments. Something very few people know. Here goes…

I was beyond crazed one evening, because I was expected in court the next morning over a mess that cropped up. My life was quickly becoming a soap opera. One that I had NOT signed on for—yet I had somehow landed a starring role. Divorce seemed imminent. I had never needed (or hired) an attorney and certainly never seen the inside of a courtroom. I was a complete wreck—and badly needed to calm down.

I often find my inner reserve of calm and peace by walking in the woods or driving 30 minutes to a nearby Shrine to light a candle.

On this particular evening, I was short on time—and did the next best thing.

Me (via cell phone): I’ll be at your house in a minute. I need to stop over at the church to say a few prayers because I am a mess over this court date in the morning and I need to calm myself down…

Stella The Wingman: Okay.

Me: I am in your driveway.

Stella The Wingman (Ever the good sport): Okay.

She was out the front door in a heartbeat. And we were off to the church five minutes away—though I think I got us there in about 2 minutes. I hung a sharp right into the parking lot and came in for a landing between two parking spots. Crooked.

Then jumped out of the car, and marched straight to the side door, with Stella trailing behind me by a decent margin. I grabbed hold of the door and pulled…and kept pulling and rattling the door, but it didn’t open.

Stella The Wingman: It’s locked?

Me (Shouting): Who in the FU&% locked the church door?

Stella The Wingman Hello Father…

I turned slowly around thinking that Stella surely was toying with me for dropping an f-bomb nearly inside God’s House. Unfortunately, Father stood before us dressed in black, with the white-collar gleaming against his dark skin. I hadn’t yet met him, as he was newer to the parish.

This was a Catholic Church. My mother went to Catholic School from Kindergarten through college. And if she hadn’t already passed away, my dropping an f-bomb in those circumstances might have done her in. I was Mor-ti-fied—Capital M! Would have turned invisible on the spot, if that was an option.

Father: Here. I have a key…I’ll unlock the church for you.

Me (Rambling): Oh no. That’s okay. We can come back another time. Really. You don’t need to go to any trouble…

Father (HAD to be thinking to himself): If ever there was a person needing to get inside a church in a hurry, I am looking at her.

Father (Headed straight for the door): No. I’ll unlock it. And I can lock it back up when you leave.

So, in we went.

And in Father went.

He sat in the back, while we prayed. Who could blame him? I made the turn into the church on two wheels and could not have appeared in my right mind. I’m sure he thought it a good idea to put an eye on us there in the pretty church.

It was hard to pray for peace and calm, with Father back there. And Stella trying desperately to hold her snickers in, while sitting beside me. And while feeling embarrassed for acting like a complete idiot. I was just completely distracted.

I had humiliated myself so badly, that I was no longer focused on the reason I needed to find my inner peace. Could that be considered an upside?

Stella and I laughed until we couldn’t breathe over my meltdown—when we were far away from the church.

That day was a new low. Thank goodness I didn’t realize that I would be sinking lower in coming months. Ignorance is (sometimes) bliss.

After that, I always wondered if Father remembered me, as I shook his hand on my way out of Sunday mass. He never said a word. And neither did I.

So you see, I have no business judging others…

What is your most shameful moment? Please, by all means do share in the comments section below…

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August 1, 2011

The Great Doggie Disaster…

I am just beginning to come to terms with this. Someday, I will see the humor in it….

From their lounge chairs on the beach, my family laughed until they cried over how the dogs were faring back at home. My daughter’s boyfriend ‘dogsat.’

He used to want a dog very, very badly. He no longer EVER wants a dog. Not in this lifetime.

Aunt Kate: How’s it going back there?

To Katie, who was speaking to the Young Keeper of dogs. 

Katie: Not good. Grace has the runs…and she took a dump on the tile floor.

The family proceeded to go back through past doggies dramas with dogs (some long since passed away)…tales of accidents in the house, of one huge American Bulldog who bounced her cage across wood floors to chew up down comforters and clothing, of my childhood Basset Hound ‘Iron Mike’ who survived eating razors…” 

Aunt Kate: Maybe tomorrow, she’ll bite him…or vomit?

More laughter…

Not from me. I cringed each time my daughters cell phone made a noise–from a phone call or text…

The next day, Grace DID vomit!! (Thank goodness, no biting…)

The Red Dog (our Golden Retriever) was his normal, happy self. Grace, who just turned a year old, was most ungracious and giving her Young Keeper more than a run for his money. (And he wasn’t getting paid!)

At least not with money. For his effort, we bartered a somewhat expensive item of ours, that he wanted. I so wanted this to be win-win for us both.

Little Grace...our bundle of 'Joy' at 5 weeks old when we rescued her last summer

But Grace had the runs, ate Crayola markers, and barfed. She ate rice (prepared by her Young Keeper) to calm her stomach. When he tried to put her in her cage, she did the routine where she hops over the back of the couch to escape…and evaded him until he gave up. I’ll stop there. She was NOT a good girl.

And then, two very kind ‘reinforcements’ came to take her out to the beach for a swim. Something I do most every day.

For those interested in reading about that adventure, please go to the next post where I have ‘reblogged’ the tale. I just cannot go there…

Dear Amy, (via

Ha. I must start out with a laugh. Looking back on today, the events are quite humorous, but I don’t have your patience to deal with it every day (even though I thought I was pretty lenient). Remember those times where we’d lay on your big comfy couch and watch ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ until one in the morning? Remember how Grace would lay on the couch with such a sweet disposition to her? Ha. Not today. I really wanted to go to the beach today and … Read More