August 1, 2011

The Great Doggie Disaster…

I am just beginning to come to terms with this. Someday, I will see the humor in it….

From their lounge chairs on the beach, my family laughed until they cried over how the dogs were faring back at home. My daughter’s boyfriend ‘dogsat.’

He used to want a dog very, very badly. He no longer EVER wants a dog. Not in this lifetime.

Aunt Kate: How’s it going back there?

To Katie, who was speaking to the Young Keeper of dogs. 

Katie: Not good. Grace has the runs…and she took a dump on the tile floor.

The family proceeded to go back through past doggies dramas with dogs (some long since passed away)…tales of accidents in the house, of one huge American Bulldog who bounced her cage across wood floors to chew up down comforters and clothing, of my childhood Basset Hound ‘Iron Mike’ who survived eating razors…” 

Aunt Kate: Maybe tomorrow, she’ll bite him…or vomit?

More laughter…

Not from me. I cringed each time my daughters cell phone made a noise–from a phone call or text…

The next day, Grace DID vomit!! (Thank goodness, no biting…)

The Red Dog (our Golden Retriever) was his normal, happy self. Grace, who just turned a year old, was most ungracious and giving her Young Keeper more than a run for his money. (And he wasn’t getting paid!)

At least not with money. For his effort, we bartered a somewhat expensive item of ours, that he wanted. I so wanted this to be win-win for us both.

Little Grace...our bundle of 'Joy' at 5 weeks old when we rescued her last summer

But Grace had the runs, ate Crayola markers, and barfed. She ate rice (prepared by her Young Keeper) to calm her stomach. When he tried to put her in her cage, she did the routine where she hops over the back of the couch to escape…and evaded him until he gave up. I’ll stop there. She was NOT a good girl.

And then, two very kind ‘reinforcements’ came to take her out to the beach for a swim. Something I do most every day.

For those interested in reading about that adventure, please go to the next post where I have ‘reblogged’ the tale. I just cannot go there…

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