Perfume…for Public Pooping??

Having arrived on Hilton Head Island a day early, we check into our condo tomorrow–which means there are five of us stuck in a large hotel room tonight. With ONE bathroom.

Me (As my Dad went into the bathroom): I was just going to shower. He is probably going to take a dump!!

Jannie (Whips a cute little bottle out of her purse): I’ve got this POO POURRI…

Dad (Coming out of the bathroom. Still a few steps behind the conversation): Huh?

Me: Where did you find it?

Jannie: At this boutique near my hair salon. They have really unique things, but this was the only thing I could afford…

A product meant to be sprayed into the toilet bowl to block odor, it is made of a variety of oils that coat the surface of the water. As the log breaks the surface and slides under the oil barrier, the stench is stifled.

Tag Line: Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know!

Yes. For real.

Me: How much was it?

Jannie: $10 for this tiny bottle…

Dad: For $10, I’d rather have it stink!

By now we are all snickering…

Katie: That would be awesome. I could go in public then…

Dad: I guess it depends on what kind of dump it is…some of them are worse than others.

Jannie: My cousin wants some for her birthday.

Dad: Is that in the budget? Like, I’ve been eating peanut butter on stale bread for lunch for months!!

Jannie: I bought it before the budget…

Now we are full out laughing…to the point where we cannot breathe.

Of course, we had to get on the Internet and find the POO POURRI website:

They sell a multitude of Before-You-Go Bathroom Sprays, including: No. 2, Heavy Doody, Crap Shooter, Call of Doody and much more. Tagline for Heavy Doody, The Right Tool For a Big Load…

This could be the Perfect gift. A little quirky. And yet, so practical.

And it has probably made a few people very, very wealthy! Obviously, their website is chocolate brown…

2 thoughts on “Perfume…for Public Pooping??

  1. God Amy, I so miss you and all the laughter we shared. Love ALL your stories… keep writing – you have a great talent!

    • I miss you, as well. I still tend to laugh. a LOT! There’s not much choice…And thanks for the vote of confidence. Writing is very much a fun outlet for me. I figure most people can identify with the ‘messes’ I step into most days. Lets get together when all the ‘not so little’ people go back to school.

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