July 16, 2011

Just a little crumb…

My kids are with ‘the ex’ for a couple of days. I am (trying) to enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet. Also, (trying) to use this opportunity to catch up on work and be social…A few hours ago, the phone rang:

Me: Hello?

The Ex: I’m dropping Nick off in your neighborhood to hang with his friends, okay?

Me (Hearing gravel on the driveway from a car backing out): Sure.

Nick (Banging through the front door as boys will do): Hey Mom!!

Me In My Head: Even if I minded (and I don’t) he is already here. Am I supposed to shove him back out the front door??

The Ex (vague, leaving it hang): I’ll pick him up later…

Me: Okay.

Nick (via text an hour later): Mom, are you making dinner?

Me: No.

Me In My Head: Like, who would I be making dinner for? Nobody was supposed to be here for dinner…

Nick: Okay. Can you take me out to get something? Dad gave me money.

Me: Okay.

I am exhausted by summer “vacation.” All parents should get a vacation when school starts, so that we can recover from our summer “vacation.” Our homes become Grand Central Station–in my case with teenagers coming and going at all hours. Food disappears into thin air, the house is a mess of stinky sneakers, miscellaneous wrappers and empty cups. The dishwasher runs two, sometimes three times a day. And its loud! (From me who isn’t the quietest person…)

Sometimes, I have these thoughts...

Such is my life. And I am not complaining. Not one bit. Because I am going to blink and the kids will be gone.

So I try to savor these moments with the children–all of them. I feel incredibly blessed to have them in my life and am always genuinely happy to see whoever walks in the door.

It’s just that I am also tired

The funny thing? It only takes a few hours of quiet and I miss them!!

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