My yard is beginning to look like a pasture…

Our riding lawnmower was perpetually temperamental—so I got rid of it. Which was probably a stupid move, but there was no way I could keep it running for the long haul.

The kids and I spent last summer using my 1999 Honda to jump the riding lawnmower. With 12 years and over 200,000 miles on our trusty Honda, I had to wonder at the wisdom of using one hunk of junk to make another hunk of junk start??

If nobody was home to sit on the mower, I had to put a heavy rock on the seat to keep it running, while I scrambled to turn the car off and remove the jumper cables. We often had to squirt ‘goo’ into one of the mowers tires to keep a puncture sealed. Before each mowing, somebody had to put air in that tire. Then there was the issue with the mechanism to engage the blade. It kept getting stuck. Thankfully, none of us lost a finger…

The simple 30 minute task of mowing a half-acre lot required a pit crew—like in a NASCAR race. Minus the fancy tools and shiny vehicles, in our case. Sooner or later, I was going to need a permanent solution.

Thankfully, my neighbor said we could use her push mower for a little while. Except her push mower conked out last week. She carted it off to the repairman and it has been there for a week.

In the meantime, our lawn continues to grow…and we have certainly had enough rain to keep it thriving!

Our friendly, local repairman planned to have the mower fixed and ready to be picked up yesterday. But he went fishing instead of finishing the job. Who could blame him? It was a beautiful day.

Dogs Best Friend? This dog seems to like his baby goat…they look chummy.

By the time the mower returns, I am going to need to mow the lawn in one-inch sections. It will soon look more like a meadow, than a residential lawn.  Which is why I need a goat. A goat would enjoy living at my house…with my two dogs, the bunnies and other critters. He would feel right at home.

Goats and dogs do get along, right? They can exist in a harmonious state?

Or I could simply let the grass grow all summer and bale it towards fall. If the repairman keeps going fishing, mowing the lawn will be impossible.

Which wouldn’t be terrible. I had thought about finding an old-fashioned mower last summer—dreamed about it, even—because there can’t be much ‘under the hood’ with those old things. The ones that resemble a spreader, but with a spinning blade? I believe they are called ‘reel’ mowers. Surely, even I could keep such a simple machine working.

The bonus? They are environmentally friendly and do not need gas. Could be the Perfect “budget friendly” solution. It certainly bears consideration.

Hmmm…I’m thinking about it. I REALLY am!

Today, I plan to ignore the overgrowth. To look forward to the colorful butterflies heading our way. Because there are always lots of pretty butterflies flitting about in meadows, floating in the breeze.

It’s either that, or go fishing.

7 thoughts on “I NEED A GOAT…

  1. Wow! What a great story! I used to jump my riding mower with my car too after my divorce!! How funny!! It was a pain, but liberating at the same time (problem solving the “guy” stuff on my own). It’s amazing what we have to take over after divorce. We have to be mom AND dad sometimes. We have to haul the garbage to the dump, clean the garage, AND mow the lawn. I used to do the lawn if he didn’t have time and it was okay…but after he was gone I was all of a sudden in charge of other things, like WEED WACKING!! UGH! Talk about a chore I hated!!!
    Anyways, WELCOME TO THE NEWS HERALD COMMUNITY MEDIA LAB!!from a Fellow Divorcee/Blogger/Mother/Jill-of-All-Trades/Woman–! (Community Media Lab Blog: http://www.FamilyMatterswithAmber.blogspot.com)

    • Hi Amber,

      Its funny…After reading your comment, I realized I had just read your blog regarding free play–and how you found yourself saying ‘no’ to the kids more frequently than you used to. You ended up letting them play in the sink…and it wasn’t a disaster! I very much identified with your parenting philopsophy, as I poked around your site. I found myself thinking “I need to meet her, because we have quite a bit in common…” And now you are telling me that you jumped your mower with your car, as well?? And God knows, I am no fan of weed wacking, either!!

      Thanks so much for your comments and the welcome!! I appreciate it.


  2. once again… another success. I love it, and i think a goat would be a good friend for the dogs. you could kill two birds with one stone and get a pilot-goat, instead of a pilot dog for the next PSL project. I’m sure somebody could use one. or better yet, you should get one of the fainting goats… so you know when danger is about. Grace can take a break from being Guard dog, since the goat will warn you. I wonder what you should name it…. maybe, Mower. Moe for short. I like it. If you get one, I want to pick it out. But just in case… maybe you should get an actual mower….just in case.

    • You are a brilliant girl! And so witty!! I had though of naming the goat “Billy.” I will consider an actual mower…just in case.

      Speaking of pilot dogs, did you know that if a dog FAILS the pilot doggie test, we get to keep him–like we want another dog?? (Katie just found that out…) As soon as she relayed this to me, I knew we would be assigned the low IQ dog, the ONLY “failure” in the bunch. They will take one look at us, and they’ll know we’re patient and soft–and they’ll be thinking…”Lets give them that dog that needs a home..you know, the one in the back of the place that shows no promise of making it as a service dog, or of getting adopted.” Mark my words, they’ll be giving us a furball that looks like “Festus…” and I’ll somehow end up with a 3rd dog. We’ll have to think about naming him Moe…but I did want another girl dog. How about “Moelene?”

  3. Mom, I love you. If we cannot get a pilot-goat we are naming the pilot-dog Moe, just letting you know. This blog is great, like always!

    • I love you too…but we need to think of a “pretty” name, with Moe as the nickname. For me, a “Moe” is a big, lunky male.

      Really, this is a bad idea. If we name the poor thing “mower” as Kenzie suggests and one of our other dogs kicks the bucket — you guys are going to beg for YET another dog named “Lawn.”

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