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Channeling sunshine, happiness and a bright future...

I was terribly excited to be a part of this blogging community. Until I learned that our local paper is owned by Journal Register Company, a large multi-media news company specializing in local journalism—in 992 communities, 10 states, and reaching almost 14 million people each month!  A tiny bit of trepidation (terror?) crept in to edge out my initial enthusiasm.

Honestly, there must be many writers more talented than I am. Writers with bylines, professional experience and spectacular sentence structure. Though I have been published locally over the years, my sentence structure could use some help. It falls far short of spectacular.

I am not a Perfect writer. Yet there are people out there—most of them not related to me—who seem to connect with my posts. Facebook, blog and email comments have been incredibly gratifying.

Could this be my exit?

The positive reinforcement is the reason I keep moving forward in sharing my experiences–though they are often disastrous. Also, I am now ‘out there’ in a public forum. What choice do I have but to keep writing until I succeed at something? I (hopefully) have reached my limit with regard to failure—I mean learning experiences—Surely, there must be a failure threshold? And I am closing in on it…


Otherwise, its possible that I’ll reach millions of people through The News Herald and Journal Register Company—for being a loser!

Not to worry. This is win/win for readers. The stories will be entertaining either way.

One thought on “Hello News Herald

  1. Amy,

    Really enjoyed your humorous comparison between the goat and mower. Once again the article was well written and you have a wonderful command of the English language! Seems to me you would have a great career as a free lance writer for just about any publication. You certainly have a talent and in my opinion would contribute significantly to increasing/improving sales!
    Good Job!

    david j. hickok
    Sagamore Hills, Ohio

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