My Name is Amy and I am a Blogger

By way of introduction, it seemed appropriate to write a short Bio using words. No way I’m doing ‘my life in pictures.’  I no longer identify with pictures of myself because the stranger staring back at me surely cannot be ME. I always want to Photo shop (or edit) her, so that that we look alike.

As I reflected back on my life, I decided to skip the Bio entirely. Why plod through the past when I am moving forward? It made more sense to go ahead and jump into blogging…

Then I realized that blogs are PUBLIC. (Gasp…) There is a possibility that many, many people could read my blog. In fact, that would be the whole point of writing a blog! To reach people, to connect with people and to build a readership.

After overcoming the extreme photo trauma, I STILL had a blog to get started on.  A blog that could reach an unlimited amount of readers. More sleep lost as I spent time (8 weeks to be exact) playing around with fonts, templates, hosting sites, reading books and conducting research in an effort to learn more about blogging. I was so immersed in the possibilities, that I confused myself into inaction.

The irony is not lost on me. I spent two months trying to come up with the Perfect presentation for the Perfect blog. I finally realized that if I didn’t lose the Perfectionism, the blog was never going to get written. It is often said that Perfect is the enemy of good.

For sure, I am heading into new and unfamiliar territory—publicly—with no idea where it will lead. And I will be learning as I go along. I’m not a Perfect writer, but I do enjoy it. Please join me on my less than Perfect journey as I blog about everyday life…

3 thoughts on “My Name is Amy and I am a Blogger

  1. I love irony- and your new blog! I am anticipating many enjoyable reads. You know I find you to be nearly Perfect, right?

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